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Golden Nuggets: Bye Week Blues

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Thursday, October 27th, 2016

Good morning sports fans, it’s a quiet Bye week here in 49er land, so don’t be surprised when that’s reflected in this week’s article selection. Other than our poor performance in week 7 and the fallout from that unusual string of defensive injuries late in the game, the big story this week is going to be the upcoming trade deadline. Fortunately, that proverbial horse has already been beaten to death with a different horse by every corner of the sports media, so at this point all we can really do is unfold our lawn chairs and watch the fireworks (maybe). After last week’s frenzy to dub a scapegoat, this week we get to dig through the musings that anyone worth value on our team will be sold off.

Personally, I don’t think we see Torrey Smith depart unless a Herschelian offer is presented, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Staley land elsewhere. While his being effectively THE remaining member of the old guard has little to do with WHY he could possibly leave, it creates an easily digestible narrative: let the man chase a ring, like Frank, like Vernon. I’m not advocating it, merely stating that it’s relatively feasible and I’m emotionally prepared for it.

Here are some nuggets!

49ers General News

Airplane Banner Calling for Trent Baalke's Firing to Be Flown Over Levi's Stadium | NBC Bay Area, Weber

NFL coach hot seat rankings: Could Chip Kelly be one and done with 49ers? | USA Today, Davis

49ers Roster and Injury News

Doug Pederson nixes idea of trading for Torrey Smith | CSN Philly

Dorsey’s inactivity a product of snap count | ESPN, Wagoner

Five possible landing spots for Torrey Smith | Fox Sports, Stevenson

Lynch, Robinson only injuries of concern from week 7 | CBS, Larabee

2017 NFL mock draft: updated three-round projections | Niners Wire, Biderman

Around the NFC West

John Brown returns, Jaron Brown IR’d |, Odegard

Pec injury added to Wilson’s list of ailments, Spiller cut | Fox 13, AP

Seattle LOLine looking to add a Joe of Staley, Thomas variety | Oregonian, Arnold

Goff getting 1st team reps in practice, Keenum remains starter | LA Times, Klein