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Lisa DeBartolo is not a fan of Trent Baalke

So it continues.

Lisa DeBartolo’s quest to rid the San Francisco 49ers of poor management continues. She has been tweeting off and on in recent days making it very clear she is not a fan of the current direction of her father’s former franchise. And as long as the squabbling continues, we’ll continue to keep an eye on it.

The latest tweet came when someone posted “When you hear Trent Baalke may not get fired” and attached the GIF of Michael Scott screaming “No God Please No!” It’s a classic GIF and really fits most anything well.

Plenty of people are pissed with how the 49ers are being run, and it is being vocalized more and more. Fans are planning on flying a “Fire Trent Baalke” banner during the Week 9 home game against the New Orleans Saints, and raised enough money to fly it at a second home game. I wonder if Lisa DeBartolo offered up a few bucks? There’s a certain amusing nature to all this. Cassie Baalke lost her crap about Greg Roman, and now Lisa DeBartolo is voicing her opinion about Baalke and Jed. Good times!

And since this tweet could end up deleted, here’s a screenshot.