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Carlos Hyde continues to hold himself accountable

The RB complimented Gabbert while saying he, himself needs to do a better job

After another tough loss San Francisco 49ers running back Carlos Hyde was introspective when asked why the team sputtered after having such a successful start. The 49ers were 7-of-7 on third down conversions to start the game, in stark contrast to their inability to convert in Seattle.

Hyde ran for 74 yards in 15 attempts with a 4.9 yard average which is slightly higher than his 4.1 average for the season. His one long run of 32 yards skewed that number slightly. The team totaled 106 yards on the ground in 29 attempts and the number two rusher in the game? Blaine Gabbert with 12 attempts for 27 yards. The only other rushing attempts were by Shaun Draughn who ran twice for five yards.

Hyde also complimented Gabbert in his post game interview which falls in line with his statement to Jim Trotter before the game that there haven’t even been whispers about a quarterback change in the facility.

Here’s the full transcript:

The offensive game plan worked very well early on and then it didn’t work as well. What was the difference?

I was slipping a couple times on a couple of runs. I could have done better getting us in third and shorts so we could convert those and keep it moving. I’ve just got to do better moving my feet and keep running hard.

Do you feel like the defense adjusted to the things that were working well early in the game?

No. I think we still had what we wanted. We just need to keep pressing on. I feel like I’ve got to do better. I don’t think I did that well.

What adjustments do you have to make before coming back for Thursday’s game?

I don’t know, you have to ask [49ers head coach] Chip Kelly that. As a player, you just got to execute. Whatever play call coach makes, execute.

This offense really struggled on third downs against the Seahawks but came out seven-for-seven today on third downs. Obviously that was a point of emphasis, but what made you so successful on third downs?

[49ers QB] Blaine Gabbert. Blaine was on the money today. When he’s clicking in the passing game and the receivers are catching the ball it just opens everything up for us. That’s why the run game was clicking also. The offense as a whole just needs to stay on pace and keep getting those third downs and take our time down the field.

How different was this offensive game plan? We saw a lot of five receiver sets with nobody in the backfield. How different was this game plan than the first three?

I don’t really feel it was any different. I just think guys were more fired up. I think guys had that bitter taste in their mouths from losing the two previous games. Guys were eager to get back out there to prove themselves. I don’t think it was about the game plan. I think guys were just eager.

It looked like there were a couple new formations we hadn’t seen the first few games.

That’s coach Kelly. He’s got a bunch of formations and plays nobody has seen, so each week it’s something different. But, we already went through this in training camp so we already know what to expect.

The way you guys started, did you feel like you were maybe going to put up 30 with the way it was moving?

I don’t know if we were going to put up 30, but I definitely feel like we could have rushed for more yards. Each week it’s something to learn from and grow from so I’ve got a quick turnaround playing against a divisional opponent so I’ve got to be ready, and we will be.