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Week 8 NFL schedule: AM slate includes Frank Gore, draft implications, more

The San Francisco 49ers wrap up their bye today and head back to practice on Monday. Today’s NFL schedule features quite a few intriguing matchups to enjoy without the stress of watching the 49ers.

Frank Gore and the Indianapolis Colts host the Kansas City Chiefs. Gore is not going to move up the yardage leaderboards today, but he can move up the rushing TD list. He is No. 28 with 72 career rushing touchdowns. Terry Allen is No. 27 with 73 touchdowns. Marshawn Lynch, Leroy Kelly, and Earl Campbell are tied for No. 26 with 74 touchdowns. He faces former teammate Alex Smith. I’m rooting for Gore to do well and the Chiefs to win.

The big game for 49ers purposes has the Cleveland Browns hosting the New York Jets. The Browns are winless, while the Jets are 2-5. A Browns loss further secures the top pick, while a Browns win would shake things up in a big way.

Here’s the full AM schedule.

Chiefs @ Colts
Raiders @ Buccaneers
Seahawks @ Saints
Lions @ Texans
Jets @ Browns
Patriots @ Bills
Cardinals @ Panthers