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49ers, Eagles still discussing Torrey Smith, per Pro Football Talk

The rumor mill will continue percolating until the 1:00 p.m. PT traded deadline on November 1.

The NFL trade deadline is two days away, and there is still a chance the San Francisco 49ers could be an active participant. Pro Football Talk is reporting talks between the 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles about Torrey Smith, “are still not dead.”

There have been numerous conflicting reports and comments about a potential Smith trade. PFT and others reported on Monday that the 49ers and Eagles were talking about Smith. Matt Maiocco was first to follow up saying the 49ers were not shopping Smith, and that was followed up by other reports that the team was not shopping Smith. That was followed by Doug Pederson telling Eagles media there was no legitimacy to reports the Eagles were looking to trade for a wide receiver.

I imagine we’ll continue to see conflicting reports until the 1:00 p.m. PT trade deadline on Tuesday. I would be surprised if we see any trades because they just don’t happen with any kind of regularity in the NFL. That being said, Smith and left tackle Joe Staley both have contracts that would make trades do-able. I think a Smith trade is much more likely than a Staley trade given working in a wide receiver vs. working in a new left tackle. But, I am not anticipating either happening.