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Richard Sherman not pleased with officiating in Seahawks-Saints

With a straight face, Sherman complained about the officiating.

The Seattle Seahawks were upset on Sunday in New Orleans, losing to the Saints by a final score of 25-20. The Seahawks had a shot at the end zone from inside the red zone in the closing seconds, but could not make it happen.

It was a rather ugly game, particularly for the Seahawks. Seattle had 11 penalties called against them, while the Saints were only flagged twice. There was one point in the game when cornerback Richard Sherman was seen speaking to an official to get them to look closer at the Saints for pushing off. On the Saints final drive that resulted in a field goal to go up 25-20, Sherman was called for defensive holding on a 3rd and 6 stop.

After the game, Sherman had a couple comments about the officiating. Seahawks beat writer Bob Condotta posted them. My favorite quotation is the one where he says the Seahawks rarely get calls at home. I found that moderately amusing.

“I don’t know what it is, but it’s real obvious to the outside world how the game was officiated. I don’t think they (referees) were trying to hide anything. I mean the calls - or lack thereof - were pretty egregious. So we will let you guys decide that. All we can do is keep playing.”

“I have no idea (why calls are going against us). There have been a couple games this year where the officials are like that and usually when it is like that, I mean even at home we rarely get calls but they don’t tear us apart.”