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Patriots trade LB Jamie Collins to Browns for 3rd round pick

Maybe the trade deadline will have more activity than normal?

The 2016 NFL trade deadline is a little over 24 hours away, and we have our first big deal of the deadline. The Cleveland Browns sent their 2017 third round compensatory pick to the New England Patriots for linebacker Jamie Collins. 2017 marks the first year comp picks are tradeable.

The first two tweets I got were some variation of, “I wish Baalke had done something.” So right off the bat, we’ll get a “Thanks Baalke” out of the way.

Collins is a free agent after this season, and the Browns either think they have a deal in place, or worst case will place the franchise tag on him next spring. It makes sense for the Patriots to unload him for some value, and it is unlikely they would do better than the Browns third round comp pick. Additionally, Michael Lombardi, who has history with the Patriots offered up this:

I doubt we’ll ever know if the 49ers inquired into Collins. They desperately need help at linebacker. Collins played at outside linebacker in the Patriots 4-3, but it would seem will move inside in the Browns 3-4. Whatever the case, that is one linebacker off the market next spring.