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Odds set for when the Cleveland Browns will win their first game

Odds seem likely that they secure the No. 1 pick with a winless season.

The Cleveland Browns are winless through eight weeks, and are coming off a loss in arguably their most winnable game remaining. They took a 20-7 lead into halftime against the New York Jets, only to blow the lead. They gave up 24 unanswered points and lost 31-28 to drop to 0-8.

The Browns face a tough schedule the rest of the season, and oddsmakers do not like their chances of getting a win the rest of the season. posted odds for when the Browns will net their first regular season win of the 2016 season. Here they are by week.

Week 9 (vs. DAL): +325
Week 10 (at BAL): +310
Week 11 (vs. PIT): +625
Week 12 (vs. NYG): +575
Week 14 (vs. CIN): +800
Week 15 (at BUF): +950
Week 16 (vs. SD): +1000
Week 17 (@ PIT): +1500
No win (0-16 season): +400

Das Prescott had his share of struggles in the Cowboys Week 8 win over the Eagles, but that offensive line and run game should be strong enough to overcome that. Baltimore is not a particularly good team, but is just good enough that I don’t think the Browns can win it. The Steelers quarterback situation is in flux while Ben Roethlisberger is injured. If Landry Jones is playing in Week 11, that could turn into a winnable game.

I think we are in for an 0-16 season for the Browns. Upsets do happen, so it is far from a lock, but the Browns are sufficiently awful that a winless season is a very strong likelihood. And that will lock up that No. 1 overall pick, no matter what the San Francisco 49ers do the rest of the season.