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Tim Ryan called Mike Purcell ‘garbage’ during 49ers-Cowboys game

The 49ers color analyst was not a fan of Mike Purcell’s work in the first quarter against the Dallas Cowboys.

The hot mic is always something broadcasters fear. Viewers generally like it because we actually get honesty from public figures on a wide range of topics. And on Sunday, we got some of that honesty from San Francisco 49ers announcer Tim Ryan.

At the end of the Cowboys first drive, which resulted in a missed field goal, I began getting tweets from people asking me if I heard what Ryan said about 49ers defensive tackle Mike Purcell. People were saying Ryan called Purcell garbage. I was not listening to the radio broadcast, so I did nothing with that.

Earlier today, Chris Biderman was able to post audio of the comments in questions. And yes, Ryan was brutally honest with his assessment.

“I can tell you right now, Mike Purcell is garbage. Get him out. Dorsey played way better last week.”

The comments came after the Cowboys missed a field goal, and by all indications, Ryan thought the broadcast had cut to commercial. Whoops.

Chris Biderman pointed to a run two plays prior where Purcell did not maintain his gap. There was also a run a few plays before that on the second play of the game in which almost the same exact thing happened. Purcell could not get around the left guard and shoot through the gap to take down Elliott.

Glenn Dorsey has been slowly worked back into the mix while continuing to get back to 100 percent from his ACL tear. Dorsey’s knee is likely fine at this point, but his absence dating back to last fall probably means the coaching staff does not want him getting a heavy workload quite yet. With DeForest Buckner potential out this week, maybe we see a little more from Dorsey. And if not, let’s keep an ear out for the Tim Ryan hot mic!