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How to watch 49ers-Cardinals via Twitter live online stream

The 49ers and Cardinals will air on CBS Thursday night. It will also be live streamed on Twitter.

Fooch’s update: SB Nation worked a deal with the NFL and Twitter and has an official live stream of the game!

The San Francisco 49ers face the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday Night Football this week, and with it comes an intriguing viewing option. Twitter and the NFL reached a deal to live stream all ten TNF games that are broadcast on NBC and CBS. The remaining games are on NFL Network and will be unavailable to legally stream.

This week’s TNF game airs on CBS. Most people will have no problem viewing the game, but I know there are some folks that either do not have televisions, or will be away from their TV during the game. For those who will not be able to watch on TV, you can view the game at Twitter is airing the game through their Moments option, but if you don’t have Twitter, you can still watch the game. You just go to that link, and you will get the stream.

The NFL has taken their time offering live streaming options. They have it during the playoffs, and they have done different deals in recent years on a limited basis. I believe they had a partnership with Yahoo! for one of the London games last year. Hopefully this deal with Twitter is a sign of moving things forward. I don’t expect significant changes anytime soon, but it’s a step in the right direction.