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NaVorro Bowman: ‘It’s just a minor setback for a major comeback.’

The San Francisco 49ers will be without linebacker NaVorro Bowman for the rest of the season as he begins the road back from an Achilles injury. The specifics were never mentioned, but it is likely a ruptured Achilles. He will have surgery and begin the rehab process.

This marks the second major left leg injury. There will be a potentially significant mental roadblock for Bowman, but he seems ready to work his way down that path. He tweeted out the following message on Thursday. It took him a few days to say something, and I imagine that was due in part to the beginning of the mental recovery.

“I want to say thank you to all the fans, my teammates, and peers that have sent me get well wishes and a speedy recovery. I know will protest and guide me thru these times. It’s just a minor setback for a major comeback.”