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Fans chant ‘We want Kap’ as Blaine Gabbert struggles

The San Francisco 49ers offense has shown signs of life at times, with “good” Blaine Gabbert making some solid plays. He’s connected with Jeremy Kerley, he’s scrambled for first downs. Not too bad. But each time it seems like they are ready to make this game interesting, “bad” Blaine Gabbert makes an appearance. And each time, the fans have made their preference clear, repeatedly chanting “We want Kap!”

Gabbert just threw his second interception of the night, following a 49ers touchdown and then Cardinals punt. The 49ers seemed to be gaining some semblance of momentum, and then the pick shut that down. It was the second interception, and the Cardinals added a field goal on the ensuing drive to take a 24-14 lead.

This has basically been a wash, rinse, repeat cycle with Gabbert this season. He’ll make some really nice throws, and he’ll follow it up with bad throws, or bad decisions, or just something that makes you want to punch a wall. There is clearly some measure of talent there, but it has also become very clear that he is unlikely to ever hit on that talent with some kind of consistency.

Will Colin Kaepernick be any better than Gabbert? I have no idea. It is possible he does better, and it is also possible he does not. I don’t know, but given how inconsistent (at best) this offense looks, I would happily take something else just for change’s sake. Blaine Gabbert is not a good quarterback. It’s that simple. Yes, the offensive line had some issues on Thursday. Yes, his wide receiver sometimes have plenty of issues. But Gabbert is just not a good quarterback. It feels like the 49ers are just banging their head against the wall over and over again, and we know that’s no fun.