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Anthony Davis with a poll that perfectly sums up 49ers QB situation

One-legged Thad Lewis is beating out Blaine Gabbert.

Anthony Davis may no longer play for the San Francisco 49ers, but he clearly is still paying some attention. During the game, someone tweeted at him that this was all his fault. Davis replied with, “I'm not letting you put this one on me! I'm a muggle now. lol They need Kap.”

Then Davis decided to have some fun with the situation. He posted this tweet, asking for fans preference at quarterback. I doubt he deletes this since he no longer plays for the team, but just in case, here is a screenshot of this tweet.

Yep, he is asking whether the 49ers fans would prefer Blaine Gabbert, an injured Thad Lewis, or Colin Kaepernick still working back to 100 percent. I voted for 70 percent Kap, and it is not surprise that one is winning. As of this publication, Kap is getting 63 percent, one-legged Thad Lewis is getting 27 percent, and Gabbert is getting 10 percent.

The 49ers head into a ten day break before they face the Buffalo Bills. Maybe that’s enough time to get Thad Lewis working on his torn ACL.

Fooch’s update: Davis later added these two tweets. I would have loved to see Davis attempt a pass!