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Chip Kelly: We’re going to look at everything over next few days

The 49ers head coach says the staff will assess everything over the next few days. Is a change going to happen at QB?

It should surprise nobody that Chip Kelly was asked about the state of the quarterback position after Thursday’s loss to the Arizona Cardinals. Kelly said the team did not consider an in-game change at the quarterback position, but he also would not offer any confirmation about what’s next for the quarterback position.

The media asked Kelly if there would be any changes at the quarterback position, but he said it would not be discussed Thursday night. At first it read like he would not talk to the media about it, but he later clarified to say the coaching staff would not hold a meeting yet to discuss it. Instead, he emphasized that everything about the roster would be assessed this week. The 49ers players will not be back at practice until next Tuesday. The coaching staff will spend that time breaking down film and figuring out what to do next.

The 49ers have time to prepare for the Buffalo Bills, albeit having to travel east for the game. Kelly confirmed that Gabbert has been better than Kaepernick in practice, but that the practice performance has not carried over to games.

Gabbert had two good drives, but they are heavily overshadowed by his overthrows, his interceptions, and his general struggles. One week he’s short-hopping passes to his receivers. The next week he’s leading his pass catchers into defenders. And then other weeks he is air-mailing his receivers.

At some point one would imagine a change happens, but at this point, who really knows. The 49ers have ten days until they travel to face the Buffalo Bills. Will we see a change?