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Blaine Gabbert takes all the blame for 49ers Week 5 loss

Of all Gabbert’s press conferences as a 49er, this one had a different mood

When you’ve had nine wins and 31 losses in your career as a quarterback in the NFL you might get used to having press conferences after losses. Previously, all of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Blaine Gabbert’s post-lost press conferences have felt slightly rehearsed with pat answers that he has probably used before. After Thursday’s loss to the Cardinals, this was not the case.

Maybe it was because he stood at the door waiting for his turn at the podium while his future was discussed between the media and his head coach. Maybe because he feels like his opportunity of leading the 49ers on the field could be in jeopardy. Whatever the case may be, Gabbert was a bit emotional as he placed the blame squarely on his back.

I let this team and this organization down tonight. I did not play good whatsoever, and that's on me. I had two crucial turnovers that led to points for for the Cardinals and that was the difference in the game right there. I’ve got to do a better job protecting the football and leading this team to scoring more points and winning games.

More than once during the game a “We want Kap” chant broke out in the stands. Gabbert said he did not hear it but that is highly doubtful.

I did not. I’m focused on leading the 11 guys on the field. When you’re in the game, when you’re in a situation like that, you’re focused on that play. That specific drive. So, we’re all locked in and that’s it.

Both Daniel Kilgore and Joe Staley confirmed they heard it. Staley simply stated, “Yeah, I’m not deaf,” while chuckling.

Gabbert has not been the model of proficiency at the helm. With his two interceptions against Arizona, he now has five touchdowns and six interceptions for the season and an average QBR of 69.8.

When asked about a possible quarterback change, head coach Chip Kelly said that the coaching staff will look at ‘everything’ which is a deviation from the previous unwavering statements that Gabbert was the starter. Kelly also confirmed that the decisions regarding who suits up/starts on game day is a coaching staff decision, not the GM’s decision.

Gabbert, however, may not be done quite yet. There was talk that he had been outplaying Colin Kaepernick at practice and Kelly confirmed as much. Kaepernick’s reps have been reduced since the preseason, as any back up’s would, differing from the preseason where they were split 50/50.

Gabbert’s final statement of the evening indicates he will not go out without a fight, and he knows it’s not a fight he can win alone.

Yeah. It’s been a tough couple games. But what I can say is the group on offense, we’re tough, competitive, we’re going to get this thing right. There’s no question in my mind that we’re going to approach the rest of this season as must-win games. And every game in the NFL is a must-win game but the guys that we have on the offensive side of the ball are tough, gritty competitors and I wouldn’t want to be with anybody else. We’re going to right this ship and start winning games.