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Video of 49ers fans chanting ‘We want Kap!’

Fans are displeased, and they voiced it Thursday night.

The San Francisco 49ers Week 5 loss to the Arizona Cardinals was the result of a whole lot of issues. The run defense was shredded. Tramaine Brock was lit up by Larry Fitzgerald. The offensive line struggled to keep off the pass rush. And of course, Blaine Gabbert had a bad night. He did lead two strong drives while it was still a competitive ballgame, but things turned south badly.

Eventually we reached the point where 49ers fans were chanting for Colin Kaepernick. Every overthrow, underthrow, and interception was followed by a “We want Kap!” chant. A change very well might not be any better, but at some point fans get tired of banging their head against the wall with the same old thing. And much like the “We Want Carr!” chant in 2010, they chanted their anger.

Here’s some video of the chant: