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Some 49ers players think Christian Ponder is the next best QB option

The quarterback situation might just get a little nutty

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback conundrum might be taking a sharp detour in an unexpected direction. Matt Maiocco is reporting some players on the team would actually prefer Christian Ponder take over at quarterback. Maiocco had one “locker-room source” saying Ponder is the best option, and multiple sources saying there is support to move Ponder into the starting role.

Blaine Gabbert struggled Thursday night, and Chip Kelly stated that everything would be assessed over the next few days. Gabbert took full blame for the loss, and with the team returning to practice next Tuesday, there is a chance plenty could change. Colin Kaepernick has served as the team’s No. 2 quarterback, with Christian Ponder inactive through the first five games.

I do think a change could happen, but it is hard to figure out what that might be. Chip Kelly said that Blaine Gabbert has been better than Kaepernick in practice. There have been no questions about Christian Ponder thus far with which to compare all of this. Players are always going to have their specific preferences, but it does not necessarily mean the coaching staff sides with that.

For those who don’t recall, Christian Ponder finished the preseason 16 of 25 for 198 yards, with one touchdown and one interception. He has not started a game since 2014, and was considering retirement prior to the 49ers giving him a call.