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Jaquiski Tartt not fined for tackling Dak Prescott

The 49ers don’t get their 15 yards back, but at least the NFL recognized it was wrong.

The San Francisco 49ers were hosed on a penalty call this past Sunday when safety Jaquiski Tartt was flagged for a personal foul. The 49ers were trying to tackle quarterback Dak Prescott, and when he would not go down, Tartt joined in to help get the Cowboys QB to the ground. Here’s a look at the play:

NFL fines for the previous week were publicized on Friday, and Cam Inman tweeted that Tartt was not fined for his personal foul. An unnecessary roughness penalty can often lead to a fine from the NFL. Of course, when it should not have been called in the first place, the fine usually won’t happen.

After the game, Tartt discussed playing to the completion of the play. There was talk that the refs had whistled the play dead, but the crowd was fairly loud, and it seems from this view of the play, action was still happening. And it would appear the NFL agreed on this.