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Golden Nuggets: Paging Colin Kaepernick

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, October 8th 2016

Well that certainly sucked.

I was fortunate enough to have the game DVRed and know nothing about what was happening until starting from the opening kickoff while everyone else was in the 3rd quarter. All I had was a text from my friends my hometown of Boise Idaho in the aptly named “Niners Chat” on facebook that said “This team is so painful to watch.”

I’m not sure where that text came during the game, but while we fast forwarded through commercials and watched the game (If you have DVR and capabilities to do this depending on what game is broadcast, I highly recommend some discipline and do it, rather than waste 1.5 hours of your life watching commercials), I began realizing something: Maybe we should be fast forwarding through the game and watching commercials.

It was that awful.

I’m running out of excuses for Chip Kelly and the 49ers. That was a Tomsula-led nostalgic drubbing the 49ers echoed last night. I can see Kelly doesn’t have much to work with, and there’s bigger problems (like one general manager who shall remain nameless), but I don’t really know how you DON’T coach someone dropping a pass when they were hit between the numbers. Wide open. Celek, I’m looking at you.

And now we have Colin Kaepernick resurfacing. The crowd has chanted it (despite KNBR saying otherwise), logic says he can’t be much worse, and Gabbert certainly deserves to go to the bench in the same way Kaepernick went to it last year.

If Kelly is going to be a long term coach in San Francisco, there’s no way they aren’t putting Kaepernick into the starting lineup. The 49ers are primed for a high draft pick if that defense keeps giving up four football fields worth of yards a game and they need to see what they have with the guy. I doubt if he does well he sticks around with these contract talks going on, but it’s a possibility. Either way, it’s time to see what they have in the quarterback position before they start evaluating potential new signal caller in the draft (please for the love of all that is great be evaluating college quarterbacks right now, front office).

If Kap does well, he needs to do very well, as in, get 8 wins to close out the season before I’d say we even go back to the negotiating board to keep him. I doubt any of that is possible after all this mess, but Kaepernick is coming. I told you this competition would spill into the regular season.

Onto the links!

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What a horrible night to have a curse...