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Week 5 NFL schedule: Game times, TV schedule, channel

It’s the Frank Gore show Sunday morning.

The San Francisco 49ers have Sunday off after playing on Thursday Night Football. That means we get to watch Sunday football and not worry about how the 49ers will do today. As bad as they are, I prefer watching the 49ers, but for today, we can relax a bit. I’ll still have fantasy and gambling implications to consider, but that’s different than watching the 49ers.

Here’s the full schedule of games in the 10am, 1:05pm, and 1:25pm time slots. We’ll have another thread for Sunday Night Football. For these non-prime time games, I’ll be keeping an eye on a few games in particular. Bears-Colts means more Frank Gore climbing up the rushing leaderboard. If he rushes for 20 yards, he will climb past Jim Brown for No. 9 all time.

Patriots-Browns will be interesting because of the return of Tom Brady. Chargers-Raiders brings AFC West divisional intrigue. The Raiders are on a strong roll, but divisional games are always a toss-up. And Rams-Bills is an interesting challenge for a Rams team that has won three straight and leads the NFC West.

10:00 a.m. PT
Patriots @ Browns - CBS
Eagles @ Lions - FOX
Bears @ Colts - FOX
Titans @ Dolphins - CBS
Washington @ Ravens - FOX
Texans @ Vikings - CBS
Jets @ Steelers - CBS

1:05 p.m.
Falcons @ Broncos - FOX

1:25 p.m.
Bengals @ Cowboys - CBS
Bills @ Rams - CBS
Chargers @ Raiders - CBS