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Terrell Owens, Roger Craig among Pro Football Hall of Fame semifinalists

The 49ers have two key offensive players advancing in 2017 HOF balloting.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame announced its list of 26 semifinalists, and the San Francisco 49ers have two notable names included. Wide receiver Terrell Owens advanced to the semifinal round a year after being named a finalist. Running back Roger Craig advanced to the semifinal round for the ninth time, continuing his lengthy trek toward a rightful spot in the Hall of Fame.

Owens was a finalist a year ago, and proceeded to rip the voters when he was not elected. The primary reason given for the disruptions he caused during his playing career. TO was generally a good guy away from his team, but he had numerous issues with teammates throughout his career. He ranks No. 2 all-time in receiving yards, and No. 6 in receptions. Even with inflated numbers, he is a Hall of Fame player. But media members are going to hold his disruptions against him, whether it is fair or not. I think he eventually gets in, but I could see it taking a few years.

Craig continues to chug along. He earned a finalist nod in 2010, but has otherwise never gotten past the semifinalist stage. It is going to be another tough year for Craig given the quality of players on the ballot this year. It would be nice if Eddie DeBartolo’s induction a year ago gives him some momentum, but I doubt it. Fingers crossed though!