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Scouting 49ers Scouts: College games the team attended Week 11

We highlight and profile the 2017 NFL draft-eligible prospects from college football games 49ers' scouts attended during Week 11.

Utah v Arizona State Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

We continue our Scouting 49ers' Scouts series with a look back on some of the draft-eligible players from the college football games 49ers' scouts attended during Week 11. The Internet, and Twitter in particular, provide some insight into where NFL teams are sending scouts for college football games. We will likely never know the full list of games, but it does give us some insight.

Thanks to Chase Goodbread and the folks at's College Football 24/7, along with various sources on Twitter, we have a look at some of the Week 11 action where 49ers' scouts were credentialed to attend.

Weeks 1-7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10

* = indicates junior status
** = indicates redshirt sophomore status
+ = injury status

Week 11:

Utah Utes vs. Arizona State Sun Devils - Trent Baalke visit


RB Joe Williams, No. 28, 5'11" - 205 lbs., 4.53 40 - (7th-UDFA) retired and unretired from football.
WR Tim Patrick, No. 9, 6'5" - 210 lbs., 4.58 40 - (UDFA)
WR Cory Butler-Byrd, No. 16, 5'9" - 180 lbs., 4.49 40 - (UDFA)
+OT/C J.J. Dielman, No. 68, 6'5" - 300 lbs., 5.09 40 - (4th) Out for the year lower leg injury.
OT Sam Tevi, No. 52, 6'5" - 305 lbs., 5.17 40 - (7th)
OG Isaac Asiata, No. 54/68, 6'3" - 323 lbs., 5.38 40 - (5th-6th)
+DE Kylie Fitts, No. 11, 6'4" - 265 lbs., 4.84 40 - (7th) Out for the year foot injury.
DE Hunter Dimick, No. 49, 6'3" - 272 lbs., 4.89 40 - (5th)
*DT Lowell Lotulelei, No. 93, 6'2" - 310 lbs., 5.08 40 - (1st)
OLB Pita Taumoepenu, No. 50, 6'1" - 245 lbs., 4.68 40 - (7th)
CB Dominique Hatfield, No. 15, 5'10" - 175 lbs., 4.52 40 - (7th-UDFA)
CB Brian Allen, No. 14, 6'3" - 205 lbs., 4.59 40 - (UDFA)
CB Reginald Porter, No. 29, 5'10" - 185 lbs., 4.55 40 - (UDFA)
CB Justin Thomas, No. 12, 5'9" - 180 lbs., 4.47 40 - (UDFA)
+*FS Marcus Williams, No. 20, 6'0" - 195 lbs., 4.56 40 - (2nd) Out for the year undisclosed injury.
K Andy Phillips, No. 39, 5'10" - 210 lbs., 5.05 40 - (UDFA)

OG Isaac Asiata, No. 54/68, is a very stout and thick offensive guard at 6'3" - 323 pounds. A true human road grader, Asiata bestows adequate size, excellent strength, athleticism, instincts, and fair agility. Very powerful and strong mauler type offensive guard, Asiata plays with the nastiness and toughness all the way to the whistle. He stays square and excels in run-blocking quickly engaging and mauling his way riding defenders with explosion and power. He shows a good anchor with fair lateral movement and fair footwork in pass protection (a lot of stiffness in his game). He has a heavy and powerful punch that jolts defenders, and shows fair technique. Asiata has the versatility to play all interior spots and has experience at right tackle, but will fit best as a guard prospect at the next level (best used inside of a phone book). Ideal scheme fit in a heavy run oriented offense. Wears No. 68 in honor of his injured teammate, J.J. Dielman.

*DT Lowell Lotulelei, No. 93, is an impenetrable plugger in the middle that eats double-teams and stuffs run lanes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The younger brother to Carolina Panthers' first round draft-pick Star Lotulelei, Lowell is a thick vending machine sized naturally strong prospect with an impressive game. He showcases an excellent combination of size, quickness, power, awareness, balance, and strength. Lotulelei excels as a run defender anchoring the middle with his huge lower half easily capable of handling multiple blockers with active violent hands, tree trunk arms (short limbs), ideal strength, and a solid stout base dominating front-side block at the point of attack. Although not overly athletic, Lotulelei displays quick feet, impressive agility for his size, sound leverage, fluid lateral movement navigating through the trash, and great strength in shedding blocks motoring down the line making impact plays defending against back-side blocks. A stout run defender, Lotulelei displays surprising pass rush ability utilizing his quickness to split gaps, strength and technique with an impressive swim move to break through the offensive line, and an intensive high-motor with a continuous effort. An ideal nose guard in the 49ers 3-4.

Arizona State

WR Tim White, No. 12, 5'10" - 185 lbs., 4.50 40 - (UDFA)
TE Kody Kohl, No. 83, 6'3" - 235 lbs., 4.77 40 - (UDFA)
OG Evan Goodman, No. 57, 6'3" - 310 lbs., 5.22 40 - (UDFA)
DE Edmond Boateng, No. 97, 6'3" - 265 lbs., 4.94 40 - (UDFA)
DT Viliami Latu, No. 41, 6'2" - 290 lbs., 5.08 40 - (UDFA)
OLB Viliami Moeakiola, No. 28, 6'0" - 215 lbs., 4.63 40 - (UDFA)
ILB Salamo Fiso, No. 58, 6'0" - 230 lbs., 4.83 40 - (7th-UDFA)
K Zane Gonzalez, No. 5, 6'0" - 190 lbs., 4.91 40 - (7th-UDFA)

Boston College Eagles vs. Florida State Seminoles

Boston College

QB Patrick Towles, No. 8, 6'5" - 253 lbs., 4.82 40 - (6th-7th)
FB Bobby Wolford, No. 36, 6'2" - 248 lbs., 4.87 40 - (7th)
OT/OG Jim Cashman, No. 72, 6'7" - 302 lbs., 5.17 40 - (UDFA)
OG/OT Jimmy Lowery, No. 74, 6'4" - 290 lbs., 5.20 40 - (UDFA)
DE Kevin Kabalen, No. 93, 6'2" - 260 lbs., 4.90 40 - (UDFA)
DT Truman Gutapfel, No. 97, 6'3" - 288 lbs., 5.03 40 - (UDFA)
ILB Mike Strizak, No. 30, 6'2" - 239 lbs., 4.69 40 - (UDFA)
OLB Matt Milano, No. 28, 6'1" - 221 lbs., 4.59 40 - (5th)
SS John Johnson, No. 9, 6'0" - 202 lbs., 4.54 40 - (5th-6th)

QB Patrick Towles, No. 8, is a very large thick-bodied quarterback (6'5" - 253 lbs.) with a big arm and sneaky athleticism. Towles operates under center and in shotgun displaying good decision making and does a fair job reading defenses pre snap. He has a elongated delivery yet displays good zip on his throws. Will need to learn to climb the ladder rather than escape the pocket after initial read is taken away (very quick to scramble and take advantage of his athleticism). Not overly athletic out of the pocket, but moves well for a man his size taking advantage of his thickness running hard behind his pads. He's too quick to bail out of the pocket tucking the ball to run instead of keeping his eyes downfield when scrambling. Towles has a very strong arm with sporadic accuracy (very inconsistent spraying a lot of his throws), but he does show good trajectory, ball placement, and touch, as well as a willingness to sneak it into tight windows when working in a clean pocket. He has fair footwork in the pocket showing good sliding within the pocket, but is heavy footed at times. Decent pocket presence with some patience, but when pressured gets antsy and will have poor mechanics, does not re-establish his base, has a tendency to throw off his back foot and not step into his throws. Very good and accurate on short and intermediate passes. Has a lively arm with explosion on deep passes with good touch and ball placement skills. Will need to learn to generate more power from base with legs and hips rather than being more of an arm thrower, balls have a tendency to lose velocity. Needs to improve technique, because he often throws off a poor base.

OLB Matt Milano, No. 28, is an aggressive run and chase type high-motored linebacker playing sideline-to-sideline with tremendous instincts and awareness. He has good quickness, agility, and change of direction skills playing with aggression, excellent tackling technique, shows good short area quickness with nice lateral movement to quickly move around side-stepping defenders easily going through the trash. Milano shows strength in taking on blockers straight on and good hand technique in stacking and shedding. Good coverage skills with nice hip flexibility and ball skills, and is a great blitzer wreaking havoc in the backfield. Displays a high football IQ, good quickness and burst, along with sound technique and physical play to make plays on a consistent level. Moreover, he is a disruptive force on special teams.

Florida State

QB Sean Maguire, No. 10, 6'3" - 232 lbs., 5.28 40 - (UDFA)
*RB Dalvin Cook, No. 4, 5'11" - 206 lbs., 4.46 40 - (1st)
FB Freddie Stevenson, No. 23, 6'0" - 243 lbs., 4.82 40 - (6th)
*WR Travis Rudolph, No. 15, 6'1" - 189 lbs., 4.52 40 - (2nd-3rd)
WR Kermit Whitfield, No. 8, 5'8" - 180 lbs., 4.40 40 - (UDFA)
+WR Jesus Wilson, No. 3, 5'10" - 186 lbs., 4.47 40 - (UDFA) Out for the year foot injury.
*OT Roderick Johnson, No. 77, 6'7" - 311 lbs., 5.37 40 - (2nd)
OG Kareem Are, No. 72, 6'5" - 334 lbs., 5.38 40 - (UDFA)
DE DeMarcus Walker, No. 44, 6'4" - 280 lbs., 4.86 40 - (3rd)
DE Chris Casher, No. 21, 6'3" - 256 lbs., 4.79 40 - (UDFA)
*DT Derrick Nnadi, No. 91, 6'1" - 312 lbs., 5.09 40 - (4th)
CB Marquez White, No. 27, 6'0" - 181 lbs., 4.49 40 - (3rd)
CB Ryan Green, No. 7, 5'10" - 205 lbs., 4.52 40 - (UDFA)
+SS Nate Andrews, No. 29, 5'11" - 210 lbs. 4.62 40 - (7th) Out for the year pectoral injury.

*RB Dalvin Cook, No. 4, is a dominant threat for the Seminoles and is arguably one of the best running backs in the nation. Cook displays a smoothness to his game with excellent instincts, versatility, and big-play waiting to happen at any time threat. His vision, patience, and feel for the game is tremendously impressive, showcasing a nice suddenness in traffic with elite tackle-breaking slippery skills similar to a snake sliding through the grass, and the capacity to hit the home run whenever he touches the ball. Cook showcases an excellent ability to run inside and outside (excellent lateral agility) making consecutive moves in a short area and does not break down when making cuts. Displays great skills as a pass catcher extending arms to make the catch, and does a fair job in pass protection (area in need of improvement). Cook's amazing talent, determined work ethic, and desire for continued improvement will bode well for him at the next level. Shows the versatility to succeed in both zone and gap schemes.

*WR Travis Rudolph, No. 15, was a highly touted recruit out of high school that has developed nicely over the years. Rudolph displays a great combination of size, speed, and athleticism with impressive suddenness in his game and the ability to break in and out of cuts showing the speed and quickness to separate from defensive backs. The junior is not really a physical receiver, but has impressive toughness with the ability to make plays taking advantage of short passes and turning them into big gains. He also shows great ball skills, good hands, and the ability to elevate for the football in traffic and in the end zone.

*OT Roderick Johnson, No. 77, is a highly aggressive road grader mauling through defenses with his brute physicality, size, and strength. The junior boasts great length with a large wing span, impressive athleticism, and relatively light feet for a man his size. Johnson has the mindset and physicalness of a nasty guard, but showcases good athleticism and decent foot speed to slide laterally and adjust to movement. Although a dominant force as a run blocker - displaying tremendous toughness finishing off blocks all the way to the whistle - Johnson is inconsistent in pass protection, where his "rawness" is still evident and technique will need to continue to improve (waist bender).

*DT Derrick Nnadi, No. 91, is a beast in the middle of the Seminoles' defense. The junior boasts a big powerful stout frame with great athleticism, foot quickness, and agility. A load in the middle, Nnadi shows great ability to play front-side blockers at the point of attack with strength and leverage, and utilizes is short area quickness and agility to defend against back-side blocks showcasing tremendous athletic ability for a bruiser of a space eater.

DE DeMarcus Walker, No. 44, is a long-armed thick and solid edge defender showcasing a great combination of size, strength, speed, flexibility, and length bending quite well coming off the edge with good foot quickness and speed. A physical and aggressive edge player with a nice burst off the line of scrimmage, Walker shows good change of direction skills, strength at the point of attack, solid instincts, and is a relentless high-motored player that has a nose for the ball with decent closing speed. He is good at setting the edge, stacks and sheds with decent technique, and overall is good against the run, showcases good speed to power off the edge and can set the edge in the run game, but will need to be more consistent and develop more pass rush moves. At times he lets opponents get into his chest and gets stonewalled.

Baylor Bears vs. Oklahoma Sooners


+QB Seth Russell, No. 17, 6'3" - 220 lbs., 4.49 40 - (6th-7th) Out for the year dislocated ankle.
RB Shock Linwood, No. 32, 5'9" - 200 lbs., 4.48 40 - (7th)
*WR K.D. Cannon, No. 9, 5'11" - 180 lbs., 4.38 40 - (6th)
WR Lynx Hawthorne, No. 7, 5'11" - 200 lbs., 4.57 40 - (UDFA)
C Kyle Fuller, No. 55, 6'4" - 310 lbs., 5.29 40 - (5th)
CB Ryan Reid, No. 9, 5'10" - 190 lbs., 4.54 40 - (UDFA)
SS Orion Stewart, No. 28, 6'1" - 205 lbs., 4.58 40 - (7th-UDFA)

+QB Seth Russell, No. 17, displays a solid quarterback frame with impressive athleticism and speed. Russell stands tall in the pocket, makes quick decisive decisions in a wide-open offense. Ball pops out of his hands, has decent arm strength, good touch on the deep throws, and displays solid timing. Russell shows great athleticism and awareness in the pocket with a suddenness in his movements utilizing power and strength to slip through defenders keeping his eyes downfield with decent effectiveness throwing on the run. He also displays the mental and physical toughness along with great athleticism and agility to gain yards with his legs. In 2015, he averaged 10.5 yards per pass attempt and 8.2 yards per carry. Accuracy is inconsistent and coming off a season ending neck injury in 2015, durability will raise questions at the next level. Nevertheless, Russell is potentially a very intriguing fit in a Chip Kelly offense. Russell is out for the year with a gruesome lower leg injury (dislocated ankle) suffered during Week 10.

Other than an impressive first name, RB Shock Linwood, No. 32, displays amazing speed, quickness, burst, agility, and athleticism. He brings great power behind his pads and stays low to the ground showcasing good vision, impressive cuts, and the burst and speed to pull away from defenders. Linwood is a tough runner with versatility in his game.

*WR K.D. Cannon, No. 9, is true to his namesake, because "cannon" truly represents how explosive he is on the field. An elite deep threat with blazing speed displaying excellent explosion, agility, and smoothness in his game, Cannon, the former high school star track athlete sports a lanky frame, a good ability to break in and out of his cuts with with great suddenness and and amazing burst exploding out of breaks separating from defenders. Cannon extends his arms to make the catch possessing solid reliable hands, good body control, and nice ball skill tracking the deep ball. He is an amazing athlete with elite speed (4.38 40) and has a recorded time in the 100-meter dash of 10.37 seconds. He will need to add functional strength for the next level and needs to give more effort when plays are not coming his way, has a tendency to be spectator during run plays.


*Baker Mayfield, No. 6, 6'1" - 212 lbs., 4.74 40 - (5th-6th)
**RB Joe Mixon, No. 25, 6'1" - 226 lbs., 4.52 40 - (2nd) Off-field issues
*RB Samaje Perine, No. 32, 5'10" - 235 lbs., 4.57 40 - (2nd)
WR Dede Westbrook, No. 11, 5'11" - 175 lbs., 4.39 40 - (2nd) rising
WR Geno Lewis, No. 5, 6'1" - 205 lbs., 4.48 40 - (UDFA)
DE Matt Dimon, No. 94, 6'2" - 275 lbs., 4.97 40 - (UDFA)
+*DT Charles Walker, No. 97, 6'2" - 304 lbs., 4.97 40 - (3rd) concussion concerns and quit the team to focus on entering the NFL Draft.
ILB Jordan Evans, No. 26, 6'2" - 235 lbs., 4.82 40 - (UDFA)
CB Dakota Austin, No. 27, 5'10" - 170 lbs., 4.47 40 - (UDFA)
FS Ahmad Thomas, No. 13, 6'0" - 215 lbs., 4.60 40 - (7th)

*RB Samaje Perine, No. 32, displays solid vision and balance making consecutive moves in a short area getting low and through the cracks with impressive pad-level hitting the hole angrily with amazing physicality pin-balling and rumbling through tackles. A very powerful man, Perine benched 225 pounds 100 times in one session (10 sets of 10 in about a half an hour); moreover, according to Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops, Perine can broad jump more than 10 feet and runs the 40-yard dash in the 4.5 range. If you are looking for power and strength, then Perine is your man.

+*DT Charles Walker, No. 97, is a high-motor tenacious athlete with tremendous power and quickness to his game. Walker is a very strong and agile long-armed defender with great size, length, power, instincts, agility, quickness, speed, and athleticism. A stout run stuffer, Walker showcases excellent power winning against front-side blocks at the point of attack showing the capability of handling two-gaps with tremendous strength and leverage. He is solid at collapsing the pocket, has sound awareness to stop ball carriers next to him utilizing good hand technique (great power in hands) stacking and shedding, and plays with good leverage and power with a high-motor chasing down ball carriers (great burst and impressive closing speed). Walker has quick feet with balance to navigate through the trash and the natural athletic ability (fluid lateral movement) to defend superbly against back-side blocks. Shows excellent burst and quickness penetrating through gaps and being a consistent disruptive force in the backfield. Medical concerns with concussions, as well as leaving the team after latest concussion to focus on entering the NFL Draft. Quitting the team will need to be addressed.

Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Maryland Terrapins

Ohio State

*QB J.T. Barrett, No. 16, 6'2" - 222 lbs., 4.52 40 - (3rd-4th)
WR Corey Smith, No. 84, 6'0" - 188 lbs., 4.43 40 - (7th)
WR Dontre Wilson, No. 2, 5'10" - 195 lbs., 4.40 40 - (UDFA)
*OG Billy Price, No. 54, 6'3" - 315 lbs., 5.19 40 - (2nd-3rd)
C Pat Elflein, No. 65, 6'2" - 300 lbs., 5.22 40 - (2nd)
*DE Tyquan Lewis, No. 59, 6'3" - 260 lbs., 4.78 40 - (3rd-4th)
*ILB Raekwon McMillan, No. 5, 6'2" - 240 lbs., 4.78 40 - (1st-2nd)
**CB Marshon Lattimore, No. 2, 6'0" - 192 lbs., 4.47 40 - (1st-2nd)
*CB Gareon Conley, No. 8, 6'0" - 195 lbs. 4.50 40 - (1st-2nd)
**FS Malik Hooker, No. 24, 6'2" - 205 lbs., 4.52 40 - (1st)
P Cameron Johnston, No. 95, 5'11" - 195 lbs., 4.84 40 - (7th-UDFA)

C Pat Elflein, No. 65, is one of the top offensive draft-eligible centers in this years' class. The former high school wrestler and track and field athlete is a physical and tough center/interior lineman who plays with a tenacious aggressiveness. Elflein showcases great power at the point of attack and quick feet that helps him do a great job in pass protection and excellent when pulling showing great athleticism finishing his blocks with aggression. Elflein possesses tremendous football instincts, excellent foot agility (can snap and move with fluidity left and right), and a great ability to anchor the pocket setting the base of the pocket allowing the quarterback to step up in the pocket. Has the versatility to play all interior positions on the offensive line.

*ILB Raekwon McMillan, No. 5, was the nation's top-rated inside linebacker out of high school and is a dominating force in the middle for the Buckeyes. A box inside linebacker and tackling machine (led the Buckeyes in tackles in 2015), McMillan displays quality bulk with the ability to take on the run at the point of attack, and gets low separating with his hands making tackles. A strong tackler that hits with explosion behind his pads, McMillan lacks elite explosive burst and agility, but makes up for it with sound awareness and instincts, easily capable of reading run keys and has decent play speed to track down the football. He shows a good ability to play in coverage showcasing nice balance and awareness, but his lack of short-area quickness can give him issues in space.


RB Trey Edmunds, No. 9, 6'2" - 223 lbs., 4.42 40 - (UDFA)
RB Wes Brown, No. 5, 6'0" - 210 lbs., 4.59 40 - (UDFA)
FB Kenneth Goins Jr., No. 30, 5'9" - 233 lbs., 4.73 40 - (UDFA)
WR Teldrick Morgan, No. 19, 6'0" - 190 lbs., 4.55 40 - (UDFA)
OT Michael Dunn, No. 76, 6'5" - 312 lbs., 5.28 40 - (UDFA)
DE Roman Braglio, No. 90, 6'2" - 262 lbs., 4.79 40 - (UDFA)
+CB William Likely III, No. 4, 5'7" - 175 lbs., 4.46 40 - (7th) Out for the year torn ACL.

+CB William Likely III, No. 4: Although only 5’7”, Likely is an explosive fantastic athlete with video game-like agility, burst, and quickness. Likely displays amazing fluidity, light feet, impressive change of direction skills, great instincts, and solid ball skills. His size will limit him on the defensive side of the ball at the next level (slot corner); however, Likely will bring tremendous value on special teams in the return game, where he is one of the top return specialists in college football. He tore his ACL on 10/15/16.

Mississippi State vs. Alabama - Two 49ers scouts

Mississippi State

WR Fred Ross, No. 8, 6'2" - 205 lbs., 4.58 40 - (5th-6th)
WR/RB Brandon Holloway, No. 10, 5'8" - 165 lbs., 4.46 40 - (UDFA)
OT Justin Senior, No. 58, 6'5" - 310 lbs., 5.17 40 - (7th-UDFA)
OG Devon Desper, No. 62, 6'4" - 305 lbs., 5.21 40 - (UDFA)
C Jamaal Clayborn, No. 60, 6'4" - 315 lbs., 5.36 40 - (UDFA)
DE A.J. Jefferson, No. 47, 6'3" - 280 lbs., 4.92 40 - (UDFA)
DE Will Coleman, No. 57, 6'5" - 250 lbs., 4.87 40 - (UDFA)
DE Johnathan Calvin, No. 16, 6'3" - 272 lbs., 4.88 40 - (UDFA)
DE Torrey Dale, No. 49, 6'6" - 277 lbs., 4.91 40 - (UDFA)
DT Nick James, No. 88, 6'5" - 320 lbs., 5.28 40 - (UDFA)
ILB Richie Brown, No. 39, 6'2" - 240 lbs., 4.79 40 - (7th-UDFA)
+CB Tolando Cleveland, No. 7, 6'0" - 190 lbs., 4.56 40 - (7th-UDFA) Out for year with torn ACL.
CB Cedric Jiles, No. 5, 5'10" - 186 lbs., 4.55 40 - (UDFA)
SS Kivon Coman, No. 11, 6'3" - 205 lbs., 4.57 40 - (UDFA)

WR Fred Ross, No. 8, brings a good combination of size, explosion, athleticism, and toughness to the position. Shows versatility in his game lining up in the slot, split-end, as well as bringing value in the return game, Ross is a playmaking natural pass catcher with great hands, solid explosion off the line, nice ball skills, quality body control taking advantage of his length, athleticism, and physicality to win at the point of reception, and the ability to make plays after the catch running with great balance and vision earning solid yards after the catch -- displays an excellent ability taking a short pass and turning it into a big gain weaving through defenders breaking arm tackles.

ILB Richie Brown, No. 39, is tremendous leader on the field with a great combination of size, strength, toughness, speed, and athleticism for the position. Brown displays a high football IQ with a nose for the football with solid instincts reading run keys and impressive play speed to track down the football. Shows quality bulk with the ability to take on the run at the point of attack, stacking and separating with strong hands, and great burst chasing down ball carriers hitting with explosion.


FB/DE Dakota Ball, No. 44, 6'3" - 268 lbs., 5.26 40 - (UDFA)
WR Gehrig Dieter, No. 14, 6'3" - 207 lbs., 4.62 40 - (UDFA)
TE O.J. Howard, No. 88, 6'6" - 251 lbs., 4.57 40 - (1st)
*OT Cam Robinson, No. 74, 6'6" - 310 lbs., 5.28 40 - (1st)
OG Korren Kirven, No. 78, 6'4" - 311 lbs., 5.23 40 - (UDFA)
DE Jonathan Allen, No. 93, 6'3" - 291 lbs., 4.85 40 - (1st)
*DE Da'Shawn Hand, No. 9, 6'4" - 280 lbs., 4.74 40 - (5th)
DT Dalvin Tomlinson, No. 54, 6'3" - 307 lbs., 5.14 40 - (7th)
OLB Tim Williams, No. 56, 6'4" - 252 lbs., 4.76 40 - (2nd)
OLB Ryan Anderson, No. 22, 6'2" - 253 lbs., 4.77 40 - (2nd)
ILB Reuben Foster, No. 10, 6'1" - 236 lbs., 4.72 40 - (1st)
**CB Marlon Humphrey, No. 26, 6'1" - 198 lbs., 4.49 40 - (1st)
+SS Eddie Jackson, No. 4, 6'0" - 194 lbs., 4.53 40 - (3rd) Out for the year broken leg.
K Adam Griffith, No. 99, 5'10" - 192 lbs., 4.87 40 - (7th-UDFA)
LS Cole Mazza, No. 55, 6'2" - 235 lbs., 4.93 40 - (UDFA)

TE O.J. Howard, No. 88, is a mismatch in the middle of the field and on the perimeter displaying an impressive combination of size (6'6" - 251 lbs.), speed, explosion, athleticism, and strength (benches 405 pounds and squats 500 pounds). A dangerous receiving weapon in the middle of the field, Howard can easily take advantage of defenses with his 4.57 speed up the seam, the suddenness to separate and get away from man coverage taking advantage of his impressive length and athleticism, finds holes in zone and squares up presenting a large target and catching radius for the quarterback, and extends hands away from the body to make the catch. Along with good catching and great YAC ability, his blocking has been steadily improving as well, where he shows an excellent base, platform, and hand positioning blocking inline, and athletic ability with agility to swing his hips blocking in space when detached.

DE Jonathan Allen, No. 93, showcases amazing athleticism and power with impressive quickness and technique wreaking havoc in backfields as an upfield disrupter. Allen displays great burst off the line of scrimmage, quick, heavy, and violent punch at the point of attack, sound leverage utilizing great length, excels at converting speed to power, and the versatility to be disruptive from the inside and off the edge.

ILB Reuben Foster, No. 10, is a superb downhill plugger type of linebacker with a terrific combination of athleticism, size, physicality, range, speed, toughness, and strength. Foster is a fierce and terrific tackler with quality bulk-ability easily taking on bigger blockers at the point of attack winning with proper leverage separating with violent and powerful hands stacking and shedding, impressive sideline-to-sideline capabilities (superb range), and very skilled coming off the edge. A tremendously smart player with a high football IQ, Foster showcases excellent instincts and speed easily reading run keys and has the play speed (straight-line speed with a burst) to track down the football with impressive closing speed. Shows quality ability to play in coverage as well with sound awareness and balance. Moreover, he brings value on special teams where he's a strong tackler hitting with immense explosion. Foster is the best pure inside linebacker in the draft class and is a more athletic version to former Crimson Tide teammate, Reggie Ragland.

Colorado Buffaloes vs. Arizona Wildcats - Trent Baalke visit


QB Sefo Liufau, No. 13, 6'4" - 230 lbs., 4.93 40 - (7th-UDFA)
C Alex Kelley, No. 74, 6'2" - 310 lbs., 5.30 40 - (UDFA)
DT Josh Tupou, No. 58, 6'3" - 325 lbs., 5.22 40 - (6th-7th)
OLB Jimmie Gilbert, No. 98, 6'4" - 225 lbs., 4.74 40 - (UDFA)
CB Chidobe Awuzie, No. 4, 6'0" - 205 lbs., 4.56 40 - (4th-5th)
CB Ahkello Witherspoon, No. 23, 6'3" - 195 lbs., 4.59 40 - (6th)
SS Tedric Thompson, No. 9, 6'0" - 205 lbs., 4.56 40 - (7th-UDFA)

CB Chidobe Awuzie, No. 4, is a physical and strong corner with impressive flexibility, balance, fluid hips, quick feet, agility, change of direction skills, and explosion. A lockdown corner, Awuzie displays his physicalness and patience excelling in press-man coverage riding the receiver downfield staying at the hip pocket. Awuzie also displays excellent awareness (makes a lot of plays with his eyes), speed, and football intelligence impressively skilled in off and zone coverages, where he shows quick read and reaction skills, burst with impressive closing speed, great ball skills, and a fierce and reliable tackler hitting with explosion. A former high school basketball and track athlete, Awuzie displays tremendous athleticism, the desired grit and eagerness in run support, and blitzes with purpose playing with intensity. He is also a special teams stalwart bringing desired value at the next level.


WR Trey Griffey, No. 5, 6'3" - 209 lbs., 4.53 40 - (UDFA)
WR Nate Phillips, No. 11, 5'7" - 186 lbs., 4.48 40 - (UDFA)
OT/OG Freddie Tagaloa, No. 72, 6'8" - 314 lbs., 5.33 40 - (7th-UDFA)
OLB Paul Magloire Jr., No. 14, 6'1" - 221 lbs., 4.63 40 - (6th)
OLB Jake Matthews, No. 47, 6'3" - 230 lbs., 4.85 40 - (UDFA)
ILB Michael Barton, No. 11, 6'0" - 237 lbs., 4.79 40 - (UDFA)
CB Davonte' Neal, No. 19, 5'10" - 178 lbs., 4.49 40 - (UDFA)
FS Tellas Jones, No. 1, 6'0" - 206 lbs., 4.59 40 - (UDFA)