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Colin Kaepernick announces where $1 million in donations are headed on new website

We have more details about how Colin Kaepernick is dividing up the $1 million he is donating to community organizations. Here is an explanation for October and November.

Back at the end of the San Francisco 49ers 2016 preseason schedule, Colin Kaepernick spoke at a post-game press conference and said he was donating $1 million to various community organizations. He later said he would donate $100,000 per month for ten months, and there would be a website to offer transparency.

I have had people whining to me about where that all is, assuming it was BS. Good news for all, including the whiners, we have answers! Kaepernick announced via Instagram the launch of On the website, you can click on “Million dollar pledge” at the top and see a rundown of where he donated money in October and November.

I won’t go through all the details, but organizations that received money in October include Silicon Valley De-Bug ($25,000) in San Jose, Causa Justa/Just Cause ($25,000) in San Jose, Urban Underground ($25,000) in Wisconsin, and Mothers Against Police Brutality ($25,000) in Dallas.

Organizations that received money in November include Black Youth Project (25,000) in Chicago, Gathering For Justice/Justice League ($25,000) in New York City, Communities United for Police Reform ($25,000) in New York City, and the I Will Not Die Young Campaign ($25,000) in Milwaukee.

If you click on the “October” and “November” links above, you’ll see exactly how the money is broken down for each organization. Additionally, the website has more information about the Know Your Rights camp that he has launched on his own. There is plenty of useful information, and if you are interested in donating to any of those organizations, you can check out the links above.