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Remember Niner Waldo? He will be at Levi’s on Sunday

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The one bright spot for 49ers fans in the Seattle championship parade will be attending the game on Sunday

I know all of the 49ers Faithful want to forget the 2014 Seahawks championship parade but there was one aspect of it that brought a moment of joy to all, and it was made possible by Ronnie Andrews. Andrews is the young man who walked amongst the hundreds of thousands of Seahawks fans completely decked out in 49ers gear. He received a huge amount of press both from local and national media.

Andrews, who lives in the Seattle area, was 15 at the time, and decided to represent his favorite team at the parade. You can read his whole story here. Reactions by Seattle fans to Andrews ranged from Skittles being thrown at him to compliments about his fearlessness. He followed along with the parade for a few hours before calling it a day.

After photos of Andrews reached a fever pitch on social media, a non profit organization, Ladies of the Empire, operated by female 49ers Faithful, raised money to pay for flights as well tickets and a field pass for Andrews to attend a game. Because Andrews was a minor at the time, and a ward of the state of Washington, there are no pictures.

This weekend, season ticket holder Jason Mayeroff, who followed Andrews’ story since the parade event images went viral, will be bringing him to the game. Mayeroff, who was very upset and depressed after the NFC Championship game says that seeing the images of Andrews initiated his emotional healing process after the loss. The courage that Andrews showed in one of the most epic trolls of the rivalry between the Seahawks and 49ers was all Mayeroff needed to determine that the teen deserved another trip to see his favorite team play. If you find Waldo on Sunday, be sure to say hello. (He will likely be near the player’s tunnel during early warm ups)