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49ers installed as touchdown underdog, but line could rise

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The Dolphins could face a let-down, but the 49ers are also really not good.

The San Francisco 49ers will travel east to face the Miami Dolphins in Week 12, and it is no surprise they will once again be sizable underdogs. Following Sunday afternoon action, oddsmakers have installed the 49ers as a touchdown underdog to the Dolphins.

Some oddsmakers went as high as nine with their opening line, and I would not be surprised to see the line climb a little bit. Only one day in, the public is betting heavy on the Dolphins. There is no word on sharp action at the moment.

The Dolphins are coming off a wild last-minute win over the Los Angeles Rams, and have now won five straight to improve to 6-4. They have home wins over the Steelers, Bills, and Jets, and road wins over the Chargers and Rams. They are not playing a particularly pretty brand of football, but they are getting the job done.

The 49ers on the other hand are showing signs of life in games, but more often than not collapsing in the second half. They almost upset the Arizona Cardinals two weeks ago, but then reverted to the normal decent first half, bad second half in an ugly loss to the New England Patriots. The 49ers are 2-8 against the spread this season, and I don’t expect the public to change their habits any time soon.

If I can get the Dolphins at a touchdown, I might be inclined to take it. However, I am curious to see how the Dolphins come out of the gates. They’re on a roll, but I wonder if they have an emotional letdown following Sunday’s crazy win over the Rams. Going from that to a home game against the 49ers seems like big-time let-down potential. Of course, the 49ers stink, so they might be able to counter that let-down and make life a little easier for the Dolphins.