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Simulation Saturday: 49ers vs. Dolphins on Madden 17

Let’s see if Madden thinks the 49ers defense can defend Jay Ajayi and the Dolphins.

I think these Madden simulations are almost going through the motions...kind of like a typical San Francisco 49ers game on Sunday. The sad part is, I’m actually finding my simulations more entertaining than the games. At least in some of these Madden games I feel I can encounter a glitch that might make the 49ers win one game.

So far Madden is 1-9 in its predictions. The only incorrect simulation was the Week 1 Rams contest that seems so long ago. Since then, the game has not only been correct, it’s simulations have managed to turn out some accurate scoring margins. Let’s see if we can buck the trend this week in video game land at least.

Quarter Length: 6 minutes


49ers have no inactives (Aaron Lynch was left on the roster).

Dolphins: Mike Pouncey (C) Brandon Albert (T) Xavien Howard (CB)

First Quarter:

The Dolphins received and Jay Ajayi began with two strong runs to bring up 3rd and 1. Ryan Tannehill’s pass was deflected to bring up 4th down, but the Dolphins went for it anyways. Thanks to a holding call on Eli Harold, the Dolphins managed to gain a new set of downs and keep it going.

The next plays were balanced. Tannehill made some nice throws to his receivers, and Ajayi came int o gash the 49ers on the ground (not yet has he gone below 4 yards a carry). Once the Dolphins came to the 49ers’ 10 yard line for their goalline series, they went into 3 pass plays that were all batted down by the 49ers defense. This time they did elect to kick and made a field goal to get on the board.

Score: 3-0, Dolphins

The 49ers got the ball back and Colin Kaepernick took a sack on the first play from scrimmage. After that, he began chucking the ball around the field, nailing Jerely Kerley for 11 yards, Torrey Smith for 22, watching Vance McDonald drop a pass, and Garret Celek for 17 yards. Carlos Hyde came in to clean up the rest in the redzone, but only managed 6 yards in three carries. This resulted in the 49ers kicking a field goal.

Score: 3-3, TIE

Jay Ajayi toted the rock across midfield for five or so carries, one after the other. A 10 yard holding penalty gave the 49ers defense a break and ended the quarter.

Second Quarter:

The Dolphins alternated between a 5 yard Ajayi carry and a nice pass play for 7-10 yards, taking them to the 49ers’ 10 yard line. Ajayi continue to push the ball forward, netting the Dolphins their final first down, but then the Dolphins’ offense went to passing. This didn’t go to well, as Ahmad Brooks nailed Ryan Tannehill for a 10 yard loss. The sack stalled what was an impressive drive and it ended in another field goal.

Score: 6-3, Dolphins

After the touchback, Colin Kaepernick threw an interception on his first play from scrimmage, returned to the 49ers 15 yard line. It took a simple Ryan Tannehill 17 yard pass to Damien Williams to bump the score again. Here we go.

Score: 13-3, Dolphins

Once getting the ball back, Carlos Hyde did his best Jay Ajayi impression and toted the rock midfield, before getting stuffed for a 3 yard loss. Colin Kaepernick didn’t fare much better, getting a pass batted down and taking a sack to end the drive.

The Dolphins got the ball back and the Ryan Tannehill show continued. He aired the ball out, hitting everything in sight, but it was the 22 yard dart to Jay Ajayi that took them to the 2 yard line. Fortunately, DeForest Buckner managed to sack Ryan Tannehill and help push the Dolphins back. They managed to make it to the 1-yard line on 3rd down, but decided to kick a field goal to extend the lead on 4th.

Score: 16-3, Dolphins

With 1 Minute left, Colin Kaepernick began airing the ball out to all his receivers. Yes, even Vance McDonald caught one of these lasers. The 49ers quickly plowed downfield and Kaepernick finished things off with a 23 yard touchdown pass to DuJuan Harris with 8 seconds left. Wow, now that’s the offense I’ve been missing.

Score: 16-10, Dolphins

The Dolphins took a knee to end the half.

Third Quarter:

The 49ers received and promptly went 3 and out. Once the Dolphins got the ball, they again motored across the field into the redzone. Again, it was a balanced running and passing game that got them there, but, again, a sack, this time by Gerald Hodges, put a stop to the drive and forced another field goal.

Score: 19-10, Dolphins

The 49ers abandoned passing and Carlos Hyde alongside Colin Kaepernick rushed the ball several times taking them to the 35 yard line and ending the 3rd quarter.

Fourth Quarter:

The 10 yard holding penalty on Daniel Kilgore didn’t help start the quarter off, and the Colin Kaepernick fumble two plays later killed what was looking like an impressive drive.

The Dolphins went to running the ball (and the clock) with Jay Ajayi and Damien Williams. Once hitting the 10 yard line, the 49ers defense held, for what it’s worth and the dolphins kicked another field goal. I hope you have the Dolphins kicker in fantasy.

Score: 22-10, Dolphins

After taking a sack on 1st down, Kaepernick and the 49ers offense managed to do nothing with the drive. They went for it on 4th down but Kaepernick again took a sack, allowing the Dolphins to take over.

With the drive starting on the 49ers 20 yard line, it only took two plays for Ryan Tannehill to strike Dion Sims for the touchdown.

Score: 29-10, Dolphins

Once getting the ball back, the 49ers passing game went nuts, hitting receivers all over the place and getting across midfield. However a Colin Kaepernick sack again grinded things to a halt and Quinton Patton could not hold onto the ball for a key 4th and 6 play.

With 1:55 left, the Dolphins came to run this thing out with Damien Williams and the 49ers didn’t bother burning a time out. Awful.

Final Score: 29-10, Dolphins

Final Thoughts:

You know what I’m going to say. This seems pretty plausible at this point. I’m not sure if Adam Gase is really bitter at all or is sincere when he says there were no hard feelings he didn’t get the 49ers job, but either way, there’s not much you can do with a defense as porous as the 49ers is. I believe this score is pretty accurate. The 49ers passing game came alive so many times and looked dynamic, but then stupid penalties or mistakes would result in sacks and drive killers.

Maybe Sunday will bring us something else.