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Jeremy Kerley had the best catch of Week 12

The high leap and the toe-tap combine for an amazing catch by the 49ers wide receiver.

The San Francisco 49ers offense got going in the fourth quarter against the Miami Dolphins this past Sunday, and while the unit came up short, we saw some impressive play in the passing game.

The most impressive play of the day might belong to wide receiver Jeremy Kerley. The 49ers faced a 2nd and 10 at the Dolphins 24-yard line with 11 seconds left. Colin Kaepenrick fired a pass to the right side of the field, and although Kerley got the ball in his hands, it looked like he was forced out of bounds before getting his feet in. Since there was less than two minutes remaining, the play was automatically reviewed. Upon the review, it was clear that Kerley had in fact made both a spectacular catch, and an amazing play in tapping his toes before falling out of bounds.

Here is a GIF of the play:

The NFL posted a tweet ranking the top five catches of Week 12, and it is not surprising Kerley was ranked the best catch of the week. This will probably go down as the best catch of the season for the 49ers, and for most of the league. It did not result in a touchdown, but the combination of the huge leap with getting his toes tapped is amazing. There are a lot of things professional athletes do that amazes me, but the toe-tap by pass catchers as they are falling out of bounds is really impressive.