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Rod Streater discusses first significant opportunity in 49ers offense

The 49ers await Quinton Patton’s return from a concussion, but Rod Streater offered some solid play in Week 12.

The San Francisco 49ers lost wide receiver Quinton Patton to a concussion during their Week 12 loss to the Miami Dolphins, and that resulted in some receiver shuffling. Rod Streater, Aaron Burbridge, and Chris Harper were the only other options, and Streater was the one who emerged with the bulk of the work. Streater played 44 offensive snaps, which was more than his total offensive snaps the previous five games combined. His previous high in snaps this season was 11 in Week 2.

Streater ended up leading the 49ers wide receivers on Sunday. He had four receptions for 46 yards, with a 25-yarder as his long. It wasn’t a huge day, but he did some good work picking up yards after the catch.

Patton is going through the concussion protocol, which means we will not know until later in the week if it looks like he might play. He is wearing the blue non-contact jersey, which likely means he will be limited in practice on Wednesday. That is a big step in the right direction, but we’ll wait and see what information the Thursday and Friday reports provide.

In the meantime, here is what Streater had to say on Tuesday about making his first significant appearance on offense.

How did it feel to finally get out and get some extensive run on Sunday?

It felt good to get out there and make some plays. Unfortunately, a few key people went down with injury but it’s always next man up you gotta be prepared to go.

How long has it taken you to get kind of get into the flow of what the playbook is about and what you’re trying to accomplish on offense?

I was used to it within the first week. The first week or two, you just got to get your conditioning up; it’s a fast paced offense, you gotta be able to keep going and that’s what really works to get the defense off guard, just got to continue and go and go and go.

Is this offense a challenging one to learn? Especially when coming in as late as you did or is it about like what you experienced at other places?

It can be challenging, but you just got to put the work in. I was able to come in, study, put some extra work in with the coaches and by week 2 or 3 I was pretty much comfortable with it and felt like I could just go.

Is it kind of like second nature then? When you have to get out there you don’t have to think too much?

Nah, just go, go play.

Is it frustrating?

It’s definitely frustrating. We want to win, obviously and been putting up good numbers on offense. I feel like we played good on all phases of the game, we just didn’t come out with the win at the end.

Is there a different feeling in the locker room last game because you were so close to that one you really could have won and should have won?

I felt like all the guys felt it and we obviously were all hurt afterwards. Each week we’re competing. We feel like we can be in any game and we just got to pull out and finish.

What’s your chemistry like with Kaepernick? How has that developed over the weeks?

When we get into the game it’s been more consistent. We work at it at practice, we work hard and I feel like we connected a couple times in the game and you know he brings a lot of energy into his game. He can do it all, run, throw a pass, whatever it is he can do, he’s out there making plays for us.

Where does his arm strength, velocity of the ball rank with other guys?

It’s up there. He can throw that ball and it’s accurate and he’s been making plays. It’s been pretty impressive how strong of an arm he’s got.

How do you feel about how you and Torrey [49ers Wide Receiver Torrey Smith] complement each other? You’re both pretty fast guys. To have one guy on either side of the formation, what does that do?

I feel we bring a speed to the game, definitely. We’re both vets. Torrey’s had a couple more years in the league than me. He brings that speed to the game and I try to bring whatever I can bring, the physicality, the size, the speed, everything. We try to compliment each other and go out there and make some plays.

You ever played here [University of Central Florida] before?

Here? No, I played the Dolphins with the Raiders my rookie year, but I’ve never been on this campus. I think Temple played here a couple of years, right? Yeah, never got to though.