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49ers fan has ‘Fire Baalke’ sign on car, in front row

The fan frustration is real.

In a few weeks against the New England Patriots, fans will be flying a “Fire Trent Baalke” banner over Levi’s Stadium. In the meantime, a fan has brought his own sign for the 49ers Week 9 matchup with the New Orleans Saints.

Ricky Helton attached several “Fire Baalke” signs to his car, which you can see in this picture by AP reporter Janie McCauley.

Helton had one of the signs inside, along with another person posting a sign that reads “Hold Me Accountable Jed.” It would appear they have front row seats for the game, although they could have also brought them down during pre-game stuff. Helton told Cam Inman that he tried to bring one in for the Bucs game, and it ended up confiscated. You can check out those signs here:

Whatever the case, fan frustration is very real as the 49ers continue to struggle. The 49ers are a four-point home underdog to a surging New Orleans Saints squad. I think we could see a 49ers upset, but if the 49ers drop another one, the path to a top two pick remains clear. Whether that means Trent Baalke keeps his job for another year remains to be seen.