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Chip Kelly or Jim O’Neil have 49ers hold every Saints receiver to prevent TD, settle for FG

The San Francisco 49ers trail the New Orleans Saints 31-20 after two quarters, but it is possible things could have been four points worse. The Saints lead 28-20 and had a 1st and 10 at the 13 yard line with eight seconds left. Brees was carving up the 49ers defense and had time to run one quick pass play before a field goal attempt. Instead of giving Brees an open receiver, the 49ers had three defensive backs grab hold of the Saints receivers and not let go.

By doing that, the clock clicked down to 4 seconds left, and the Saints settled for the field goal. There is no guarantee they would have scored a touchdown on the penalty play, but given how the 49ers defense had looked, it was a smart play. My favorite part is probably Eric Reid just tackling his receiver. Why even give them a chance to make a play in this instance?

Smart decision-making from either Chip Kelly or Jim O’Neil. It also shows how little faith they have in the 49ers defense.