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49ers-Saints final score: Atrocious defense, wildly inconsistent offense, wash, rinse repeat

Yep, the 49ers still stink.

The San Francisco 49ers showed some signs of life on offense against a bad New Orleans Saints defense, but they still couldn’t do enough. The 49ers lost by a final score of 41-23. The 49ers drop to 1-7 with the loss, while the Saints improve to 4-4.

The 49ers offense looked better this week, but it’s hard to really say it’s a dramatic improvement given the opposition. The Saints got Delvin Breaux and Sheldon Rankins back in the mix, but they are still a bad unit. Colin Kaepernick had a monster statistical performance, finishing with 398 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception, while also scrambling for 23 yards. However, it was a very inconsistent performance. We saw the continue problems on short throws, missing some open receivers, and generally struggling to put up consistent drives before the game was getting out out of hand.

The bigger problem was once again the defense. The 49ers run defense continued its porous ways, giving up 250 yards and two touchdowns. Mark Ingram rushed for 158 yards, marking the seventh straight game in which the 49ers have given up 100 yards to an opposing running back. That is an NFL record. Tim Hightower added in 87 yards, marking yet another game where a backup running back has his way with the defense.

The 49ers continue to stink. It’s not a shocking revelation, but it remains frustrating to watch. It was nice seeing some semblance of offense, with DuJuan Harris having a strong game before his fourth quarter fumble. But when the 49ers face real defenses, they will not be doing this kind of thing. See next week when they travel to face the Arizona Cardinals.

The 49ers remain a game back of the Cleveland Browns at the top of the 2017 NFL Draft order. The Jacksonville Jaguars lost on Sunday to drop to 2-6. They are tied with the Chicago Bears (on bye), a game back of the 49ers.

Up next: Arizona Cardinals (3-4-1)

The 49ers head to the desert next weekend for a divisional matchup. The Cardinals lost badly on the road against the Panthers, and the previous week ended up in a tie at home against the Seahawks. They have wins at home against the Bucs and Jets, and a road win against the 49ers. They’re not a particularly good team, but they can beat bad teams. I imagine Cardinals running back David Johnson is licking his lips at the possibilities with this matchup.