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Colin Kaepernick puts San Jose home on the market

We don’t need to speculate on what this means .... but go ahead and speculate on what this means!

Fooch’s note: Kaepernick said through a team spokesman that the sale is an “investment decision.” He bought the house for $2.7 million, did $300,000 in remodeling, and is asking $2.895 million. One real estate person told me the agent might be starting low to try and get a bidding war going.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is under contract through the 2017 season, but with an option to opt out, his future in Santa Clara remains an unknown. And to add a little intrigue to the mix, he is putting his San Jose home on sale, according to the Los Angeles Times. He bought the home for $2.7 million in July 2014, a month after signing his big contract extension. He is now looking to sell it for $2.895 million.

Kaepernick putting his home on the market right now does not mean he is definitely opting out. Let’s get that out of the way. There are a whole host of reasons to sell a home, so we don’t need to go overboard with the speculation. Of course, that won’t stop us from at least a little bit of speculation!

Kaepernick has gotten questions about his future, and if he will be around in 2017. At one point he mentioned building on things for next year with the 49ers. When pressed on his plans for 2017 however, he has repeatedly said he is focused on this season and the upcoming opponent. And so, we will have to wait until February when he can opt out. I think he does opt out, but I have been plenty wrong about Colin Kaepernick over the past 12 months. I thought he would be traded, and he was not. I thought he would be released, he was not. So, take my opinions with a huge grain of salt1