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Golden Nuggets: Vance is sticking around

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, December 10th 2016

So, the plan was to talk about how the NFL didn’t fine anybody for making snow angels on the field in celebration. Then I was going to make fun of the officiating biscuits and the No Fun League on how once again they can’t be inconsistent.

Then Vance McDonald got signed to an extension with the San Francisco 49ers. All attention turned to him. And Trent Baalke.

First the signing: The 49ers have a lot of holes and while a tight end upgrade could be nice, they need inside linebackers, wide receivers, quarterbacks, and other positions even worse than the tight end. Not to mention, Vance McDonald has actually improved this season. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still going to be known as “Stone Hands” until further notice, but he actually did help out the passing game a few times. If only he could get consistent.

Now the contract: wait until the ink dries. The 49ers front office is known for making team friendly deals and not overpaying. Remember when Colin Kaepernick supposedly got ‘paid’? Yeah, we all know how that ended. And don’t tell me they can do someone better. Have you seen that front office? Have you seen California taxes? You really think Martellus Bennett is going to come walking in through that door at the start of free agency? The 49ers have a crucial draft coming up, and tight end is a position they DON’T need to spend picks on. It’d be nice, but the 49ers need way more than tight end.

Also means Baalke is probably staying. You don’t just sign a player like that at this point in the season if you’re going to be canned on the way out. My guess is he has one more year. That way if things don’t work out with Chip Kelly, the 49ers front office can go completely nuclear and start over. Or maybe they promote him or something and give Gamble the job (that’s an interesting scenario). Something just tells me Baalke will be back for one more year. Him and his coaches will all be trying to keep their jobs.

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What a horrible night to have a curse...