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Madden 17 Simulation Saturday: 49ers vs. Jets

The 49ers were supposed to win last week, and they didn’t. Does Madden mess up again?

The only good thing to come out of last week was the fact Madden was wrong. They predicted a solid 49ers game and the exact opposite happened. This puts Madden at 2-11 for the season, with the only two screw ups being Week 1 against the Los Angeles Rams and last week against the Bears. Last week was the only time Madden predicted a win the entire season.

So here come the Jets. Let’s see if we’re better in video game land...or at least more entertaining.

Quarter Length: 6 minutes


49ers: Joe Staley (T), Quinton Dial

Jets: Antonio Allen (S), Breno Giacomini (T), Jalin Marshall (WR), Lorenzo Mauldin (LB) Steve McLendon (DT), Khiry Robinson (RB)

1st Quarter:

The Jets received and began a drive consisting of Matt Forte runs, offensive holding penalties and not much else. They quickly punted the ball away giving the 49ers offense a chance, but the 49ers offense was just as bad with Carlos Hyde getting negative rushes and Colin Kaepernick’s lone pass batted away. The 49ers went 3 and out and thanks to an Ahmad Brooks sack, the Jets just sent it back to the 49ers, albeit in a shank caught on the 50 yard line.

The 49ers offense managed a 1st down in this field position, but Kaepernicks only pass on the drive was picked off by Darrelle Revis.

From the 50 yard line, the Jets called upon Matt Forte to carve the 49ers at 4-5 yards a carry, sporadically, Bryce Petty would attempt a pass and complete it, two for 3 yards a piece and one for 15 yards to put the Jets up to the 49ers’ 3 yard line and go to the 2nd quarter.

2nd Quarter:

The first play to start the quarter, Matt Forte ran the counter and waltzed into the endzone untouched.

Score: 7-0, Jets

The 49ers were again gifted terrific field position thanks to a facemask penalty on the Jets and moved the ball up to the 50 yard line before Carlos Hyde fumbled it away in to the hands of Mike Catapano.

The Jets head back to the field and Matt Forte again gashed the 49ers like no tomorrow. When passing was called upon, Tramaine Brock was happy to get pass interference flags to move the team up to the 10 yard line.

Once the ball was moved it only two two more Matt Forte runs to seal the deal and get his second TD of the day.

Score: 14-0, Jets

This time, the 49ers managed to make it past midfield without a hitch. Carlos Hyde did the bulk of the work, with only one short pass mixed in. A hands to the face penalty against the Jets only helped the drive.

Once coming to the Jets’ 30 yard line, Kaepernick hit a nice floater to Torrey Smith for 25 yards to allow Carlos Hyde to run through the tackles twice and finish things off with a TD.

Score: 14-7, Jets

The Jets again leaned on Matt Forte to take the team, but on those rare passing downs, Bryce Petty was able to thread the needle and pick up some nice chunks of yards.

Once crossing midfield, Petty went into overdrive, beginning with a 15 yard pass to Brandon Marshall, and then hitting his tight end a few times to keep moving chains. Once arriving at the 49ers’ 20, the 49ers defense started batting everything away, suggesting the Jets try something else. The Jets of course, threw a checkdown to Bilal Powell to put them on the 3. Powell rushed it in afterwards for another score.

Score: 21-7, Jets

With just over a minute left, the 49ers tried to get something going on offense, but just wound up netting a single first down thanks to a Torrey Smith pass, and punting the ball back to the Jets.

The Jets just decided to run it a couple times to close out the half.

3rd Quarter:

Getting the ball back, the 49ers were unable to much of anything. Despite a 15 yard pass to Vance McDonald, sacks and erratic throws stunted anything sustainable and the 49ers had to punt.

The Jets stayed on course, running Matt Forte like no tomorrow and mixing in the occasional Bryce Petty completion to keep things from getting too predictable. Before you knew it, the running game had taken the Jets up to the goalline. Bryce Petty tried passing 3 times, but came back to earth as the coverage kept any of his receivers from catching anything. The result was a field goal.

Score: 24-7, Jets

On the first play from scrimmage, Darrell Revis was the recipient of a pick-6 from Colin Kaepernick. Yay.

Score: 31-7, Jets

The 49ers got the ball back (again) and Colin Kaepernick took a sack to close out the 3rd quarter.

4th Quarter:

The 49ers passing game came alive with Kaepernick chucking it to Jeremy Kerley, Torrey Smith, Vance McDonald, and Carlos Hyde for huge gains to the Jets’ 10 yard line. The 49ers didn’t stop there and kept the passing going, nailing Carlos Hyde for a touchdown. Not one run on the drive. Imagine that. Kaepernick then took the rush for a 2-point conversion. The Niners are still in it...I guess.

Score: 31-15, Jets

As one would expect, the Jets ran. Again. This time taking down the clock as they did it. Bryce Petty mixed in a 17 yard completion to Quincy Enunwa for good measure, but the 49ers couldn’t stop anything until the 50 yard line. Then Jimmie Ward happened. The 49ers corner picked off Bryce Petty and took the ball to the 50 yard line, setting up terrific field position.

Despite passing working on the last drive, the 49ers returned to the run game, getting nothing until 4th down when Kaepernick scrambled for 16 yards. The run game continue to inch closer, and a 14 yard pass to Torrey Smith helped get them to the 10 yard line. Unfortunately, a pair of sacks, including one on 4th down, stopped the 49ers chances of punching it into the endzone and making this a game.

With just under 2 minutes left, the Jets ran the ball, the 49ers used timeouts. The Jets picked up 1st downs and the 49ers could do nothing. The end.

Final Score: 31-15, Jets

Final Thoughts:

The 49ers are definitely back to the dumpster with this one. Even Madden won’t let them win a game against Bryce Petty of all people. You know you have a bad team when a quarterback like Petty who displayed an incompetence in throwing the football, is carving the 49ers like he’s Aaron Rodgers.

I didn’t think the 49ers would win this game, but I definitely didn’t think Bryce Petty would go full slice and dice on them in the process either. If this happens tomorrow, color me shocked.

By the way, I know EA Sports is sending commentary updates each week for the game. Is there anyway I can get a different explanation for road wins? I’ve heard the same generic anecdote every single time the 49ers have lost. Even this commentating crew in real life has more in their arsenal.