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Fire Trent Baalke banner flying over light Levi’s Stadium crowd for 49ers-Jets

This comes amidst reports Baalke’s job is in jeopardy (I know, breaking news).

The anti-York/Baalke banner is back. For Sunday’s 49ers-Jets game, a banner is being flown with the message, “Jed, you reap what you sow - Fire Baalke.” Here is a look at the banner

By early media accounts, it is a light crowd getting to Levi’s Stadium early for the Week 14 contest. Plenty will show up between now and game time, but odds are pretty good we will see a lot of pictures of a half full stadium. The team will announce a sell-out, but if anybody thinks a sizable chunk of people are no-showing this awful football game, they’re fooling themselves.

It would be more helpful to actually have a large crowd, but there will still be some folks in attendance to see the sign. More importantly, I would hope Jed York is around to see it. I don’t think the banner will lead to any change, but at this point, any embarrassment for the Yorks handling of football operations is better than nothing. I really just want January to get here so we can see how the situation is handled. In the meantime, we have banners.