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Vance McDonald ruled out with shoulder injury

This comes two days after his big contract extension.

The San Francisco 49ers signed tight end Vance McDonald to a five-year contract extension on Friday, and one of the concerns with McDonald reared its head against the New York Jets. McDonald left the game in the second quarter with a shoulder injury. The team initially listed him as questionable to return, but he has been ruled OUT for the rest of the game. Garrett Celek and Blake Bell will get all the tight end snaps the rest of the way.

The two biggest concerns with McDonald have been his frequent drops, and injuries. He has shown some improvement with his hands, but they remain inconsistent. However, the injuries are still a concern. He missed two games with a hip injury earlier this year, and now is dinged up with this shoulder injury. Even when he has not missed games, it seems like he gets banged up during games a little too regularly.

Even if this is only a one-game issue, the injuries will remain a concern. He is signed through 2021, and given the $7 million APY of the deal (even when the final numbers will be less) suggests the 49ers will be looking at him to be their No. 1 tight end. Now he just needs to find a way too avoid injuries on a regular basis.