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Raiders punter Marquette King enjoyed a Sunday off by going to 49ers-Jets

The Oakland Raiders had Sunday off after their Thursday Night Football loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, and so punter Marquette King decided to spend it taking in a game at Levi’s Stadium. I am not entirely sure why, other than someone offering him free tickets, but he was there.

King is one of the more entertaining players in the league, offering up all sorts of dancing and smack talk that is kind of amazing for a punter. He posted some video from the stadium after running into a Raiders fan:

If you have not been following the goings-on of King, he is quickly climbing the charts of most popular players in the NFL. He’s a solid punter, but more importantly, he shows personality on and off the field. The NFL has done plenty to try and cut back on player personality, but King has been able to have fun amidst all of it. And apparently that now includes taking in a 49ers loss at Levi’s Stadium.