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2017 NFL Draft order: 49ers close to locking up No. 2 pick

We break down what Week 14 meant for 2017 NFL Draft implications, and what to look for in Week 15.

The NFL wrapped up its Sunday games for Week 14, and the San Francisco 49ers position in the 2017 NFL Draft order is gaining security. The 49ers lost to the New York Jets on Sunday, and now sit at 1-12 on the season. They remain in the No. 2 position, an they have clinched no worse than the sixth position. Of course, that assumes they were to win their final three games, and I’m pretty sure I could not find a single football fan in the world who would bet on that.

San Francisco remains a game back of the winless Cleveland Browns (0-12), and a game ahead of the Jacksonville Jaguars (2-11). The Browns lost 23-10 to the Cincinnati Bengals, while the Jaguars lost to the Vikings 25-16. The Jets now sit at 4-9, while the Chicago Bears are 3-10. The 49ers have two games on the Bears and three on the Jets. With only three games remaining, odds are pretty good they will not be slipping behind either of them.

We’re back with the top five picks in the draft order, along with the strength of schedule standings, courtesy of Scott Carasik.

1. Cleveland Browns (0-13, .554)
2. San Francisco 49ers (1-12, .505)
3. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-11, .541)
4. Chicago Bears (3-10, .527)
5. Los Angeles Rams (4-9, .490)
6. New York Jets (4-9, .505)

The New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens square off on Monday Night Football. That game will impact strength of schedule. Here is a look at the 49ers, Browns, and Jaguars remaining games with records.


@ Atlanta (8-5)
@ Los Angeles (4-9)
vs. Seattle (8-4-1)


@ Buffalo (6-7)
vs. San Diego (5-8)
@ Pittsburgh (8-5)


@ Houston (7-6)
vs. Tennessee (7-6)
vs. Indianapolis (6-7)