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Rams fans are going to get worked up over a non-rumor about Jim Harbaugh

Even Eric Dickerson is pushing for it.

The Los Angeles Rams fired head coach Jeff Fisher after years of mediocrity, and now Rams fans get to look ahead to whatever might be next. There have been no rumors yet, but one very familiar name has managed to pop up in what is really a non-rumor.

Last week, Albert Breer was on Colin Cowherd’s radio program, and the name Jim Harbaugh came up. There was some talk about what he could do and his potential eventual return to the NFL. People took that information and ran with it as a rumor that Harbaugh was going to return to the NFL with the Rams.

That was not quite what he was saying. He went on Periscope during Sunday Night Football and clarified that he meant that was what the Rams should do. He said that he thinks Harbaugh will eventually return to the NFL, but he does not know when that will happen. It was about what Breer thinks the Rams should do, and not about what sources are saying will happen.

Of course, that has not stopped Rams fans from getting excited about the non-possibility of Harbaugh. Rams Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson has been on the fire Fisher bandwagon for a while now, and he is getting fired up as well. Here is the latest person he is following on Twitter.

I think at some point in the future, there will be Harbaugh-to-the-NFL rumors. It’s just the way things go with him. It will probably take some time before they come to fruition, but real legitimate rumors will circulate.

That being said, it would be a hell of a troll move for Harbaugh to return to the NFL with an NFC West team.