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Former 49ers UDFA Chris Hogan having himself a game

The New England Patriots found themselves in a tough contest against the Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night Football, but a big late score helped put the game away. The Patriots took a 16-0 lead, but the Ravens slowly chipped away, cutting the lead to a field goal. The Ravens cut the lead to 23-20 with 6:35 to go, and an upset was in the air.

And then Tom Brady quickly snuffed that out. Wide receiver Chris Hogan got wide open behind the Ravens secondary and Brady found him with ease. Hogan raced down the field for a 79-yard touchdown to give the Patriots a 30-20 lead. Hogan finished the game with five receptions for 129 receiving yards and the touchdown.

Hogan’s name might sound familiar to some 49ers fans. Matt Barrows had this tweet that will leave plenty of us shaking our head.

Obviously UDFAs sometimes will go through multiple teams before finding their way. But given the 49ers struggles finding decent options at wide receiver, it’s fitting that Hogan is having this huge game. He had 114 yards earlier this season against Cleveland, and now has this second 100-yard performance.

It remains to be seen how much more he will do this season, but Rob Gronkowski’s injury opens up a lot of opportunities. And it leaves 49ers fans just shaking their heads once again.