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Trent Baalke could end up with Broncos if 49ers fire him

It is interesting to see information coming out regarding Trent Baalke’s future.

Numerous reports in recent weeks have stated the San Francisco 49ers are considering firing general manager Trent Baalke. This is not surprising given the 1-12 season, but we probably will not get a firm answer on this until January gets here and the season is a wrap.

However, it is possible Baalke sees the writing on the wall and is preparing for his post-49ers career. Matt Maiocco is reporting the Denver Broncos are a likely landing spot for the potentially former 49ers GM. John Elway is currently the general manager, and as Maiocco pointed out, he and Baalke have a good relationship that includes joint practices between the teams each of the past two preseasons.

Baalke is a grinder when it comes to the scouting process, so it is not surprising he would be viewed with respect around the league. And given the networking that goes on, I would not doubt Baalke could get into a new job fairly quickly. That being said, it’s interesting to see this leaked out at a time when Baalke’s future with the 49ers remains a bit murky. Of course, given how the season has gone, and given the jeopardy being reported surrounding Baalke’s job, maybe his future with the 49ers is not quite so murky.