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Chip Kelly updates Vance McDonald, Daniel Kilgore injuries

We’ve got some updates on the season-ending injuries to Vance McDonald and Daniel Kilgore.

The San Francisco 49ers have placed tight end Vance McDonald and center Daniel Kilgore on injured reserve this week, and head coach Chip Kelly provided a bit of an update. Kelly said he did not have a lot of specifics, but he said it was his understanding that Kilgore had surgery on his hamstring, and McDonald is dealing with a broken scapula.

Kelly did not have specifics on whether or not each would be ready for the team’s offseason workout program. That gets going in the middle of April, which is four months from now. We don’t know the specifics of Kilgore’s hamstring injury, but surgery would suggest a potentially significant tear. My guess is he would be brought along slowly when the offseason workout program gets here, but we’ll probably have to wait until April to hear anything.

As for the scapula injury? Back in 2013, Bruce Miller suffered a fractured scapula, and socalisteph pointed to a six-month recovery timeframe, from start to finish. We did not hear much about Miller most of that offseason prior to a contract extension, but at June minicamp he said he was back to 100 percent.