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Bringing in some film breakdown via video

We have been adding some writers to help with film breakdown, and through a bit of luck, I came across someone who can help out from a video perspective. Kevin (username MrNinersOnMine) has been putting together some post-game analysis and film breakdown over at his YouTube channel. He coaches a youth football team, and has a passion for analyzing football. We connected on Twitter, and I thought he could be a fun addition to the site.

The first video above is him providing some thoughts on the 49ers-Jets game. In particular, he focused on some of the issues in trying to stop Bilal Powell. Kevin is going to do a mix of things, whether it be game breakdown, individual player breakdown, or whatever. It’s a work in progress, but I think it will be a fun new way to talk about the team.

Here is a quick intro from Kevin.

My name is Kevin Mitchell. I'm a 14 year Navy veteran born and raised in San Francisco, Ca but living in San Diego. Naturally, I was born a die hard and faithful Niners fan, and I'm also a dedicated football fan and youth football coach (DC) in San Diego. Football, coaching, the Niners, and the art of expression are truly my passion. I truly enjoy and love the game all that it entails. From film study with my youth team looking for ways to improve or even doing film break down of Niners game via my YouTube channel in the event they ask my opinion, I love it all. I can my dream career would be to someday work with or for my Niners in some capacity.