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Torrey Smith misses second practice, talks about concussion symptoms

The 49ers wide receiver had plenty to say about his concussion. Watch video here.

The San Francisco 49ers were back at practice on Thursday, and wide receiver Torrey Smith was a DNP on the participation report for the second straight day. He suffered a concussion on Sunday after a bad fall to the ground going up for a catch. He was quickly ruled out with a concussion, and has been working through the protocol since.

As a DNP on both Wednesday and Thursday, it seems highly unlikely Smith will be available against the Atlanta Falcons. He has to be cleared for football activity, and with a walkthrough on Friday, it is unlikely he will reach that point. Chris Harper is likely the primary beneficiary, as he saw his snaps increase behind Quinton Patton and Jeremy Kerley after Smith went down.

Smith met with the media on Thursday following the team’s practice and discussed what was a very scary situation. He does not remember anything between that play and being in the car going home. You could see tears in his eyes while he was sitting on the field, but he does not remember that. He said he was told he had been upset in the locker room and talking about it after the game, but he does not remember that either.

Concussions are always scary, and losing consciousness is all the scarier. I was in a car accident when I was 14, and briefly lost consciousness. I had a concussion, but thankfully the symptoms were gone by the next day. Smith talked about it feeling like a dream, and I can definitely concur on that one. I actually remember being at the hospital after the accident, but it still had a dream-like feel to it. It was weird. Smith’s Q&A on his concussion is interesting.

If he remembers the play:

I remember the play call.

What he remembers after that:

In the car, on the way back.

On if it’s scary:

Yea, it’s scary because you know what happens — I’m very familiar with the process, but I’ve never been knocked out before. Never had a concussion like that either. It’s pretty scary. But things are better. They’re making sure that I’m taking the right steps

On being emotional:

I have no clue. Apparently I was crying there, apparently I was crying in here, talking about how frustrated I was. I don't remember anything. That's just one of the things that come with it. But as long as I'm feeling better each and every day, that's all I’m really concentrating on right now.

On if he goes back to look at the play:

I looked at it. I mean, it’s pretty scary when, you see these things on YouTube. I’ve seen guys get knocked out in games before, but it’s different when you look at it and it’s you, and it felt more like a dream afterwards, rather than something that really happened. So it’s pretty…it’s weird.

On landing on his shoulder awkwardly:

Yea, good thing it wasn’t on my right shoulder. But yea, I was fine. It was nothing crazy. But when you get knocked out, you never know what can happen, so I’m glad I’m good and they’re taking good care of me.

On if he’s been knocked out before:


On if he’s been ruled out for Sunday:

Uhh, I’m probably, I don’t know. But I haven’t practiced yet. This is our last day, so even based on protocol, I don’t think I could technically play.

On if he has moved on to aerobic exercise:

I mean, I started moving a little bit. But odds of me playing are probably slim. It probably wouldn’t look too good being that I was knocked out anyways, being on the field. I’m not ready to go.

On if he’ll travel:

I don’t know. Whatever they say is best. I trust them. They’re doing a great job.

On if record affects how he approaches last three weeks of the season:

No, it’s on me. If I feel good, I’ll play. Hopefully I’ll be feeling good next week. That’s the goal. You never want to go into something and, just your health at risk. That’s something I'm definitely going to be smart with. I have two kids. You kind of think long term on things like that, so I don't think it's worth rushing it back. Even if we were in contention for the playoffs or whatever, I would still try to be as smart as possible. You trust the guys that are here, we’ve got a team, so I’ll end up being alright.

On if he was told how long he was out:

No, I wasn’t told.

On what feels better as days pass:

You know, just a little better. Everything’s just a little better. But you still have side effects and symptoms. That’s expected, it’s only a few days ago.