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Jason La Canfora throws shade at Pro Football Talk over York-49ers story

Jason La Canfora further backs up the idea that there is a potential schism with the York family.

It was only a matter of time before Jason La Canfora decided to throw a little more something back at Pro Football Talk. Last week, La Canfora reported Denise and John York were looking to potentially step in to help re-direct the San Francisco 49ers following two truly atrocious years. He followed that up by saying Jed York would be out of football operations.

Pro Football Talk threw a wet blanket on that story saying none of those things were going to happen. La Canfora followed up on that by seeming to back off a little on Jed York, but still said considerable change was vey possible. He said that maybe people reporting otherwise were “in on the take” and “obscuring” things.

Well, he’s back with another tweet, once again pushing his story, and once again throwing a little something PFT’s way. We’ll find out in January how much of any of this might actually be true, but in the meantime, we’ve got a media cat fight brewing!