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NFL TV schedule, Week 15: Browns and Frank Gore on the docket

The San Francisco 49ers have a rare 1:05 p.m. PT east coast game on the docket, so we get to enjoy the AM schedule in the meantime. There are eight games this morning, with some intriguing implications in a few of them.

The winless Cleveland Browns are on the road facing the Buffalo Bills. I doubt the Browns win this game, but the Bills are in a bit of a tail-spin, so maybe we see the upset of the year.

The Indianapolis Colts are on the road facing the Minnesota Vikings. We’ll be watching Frank Gore continue his attempt to become the oldest 1,000-yard rusher since John Riggins. Gore currently has 790 rushing yards, which means he needs to average 70 yards per game the final three games. He is also 170 yards away from 13,000 career rushing yards.

Here’s the full AM schedule for Week 15 Sunday.

Packers @ Bears - FOX
Jaguars @ Texans - CBS
Browns @ Bills - CBS
Eagles @ Ravens - FOX
Titans @ Chiefs - CBS
Lions @ Giants - FOX
Colts @ Vikings - CBS
Steelers @ Bengals - CBS