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Sean Payton trade rumor season is officially underway

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

It seems like it has become a regular occurrence that New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton is attached to numerous rumors in the winter. Last year, there were significant rumors the San Francisco 49ers made a push for him. He ended up returning to New Orleans and subsequently got a sizable contract extension.

Less than a year later, and the rumor mill is starting back up. Jason La Canfora is reporting league sources have told him, “the Saints ... would consider moving the coach should there be suitors, and it would not likely require hefty trade compensation.”

La Canfora can be all over the place, and this is only one report on the topic. I always figure it is worth waiting for Jay Glazer to weigh in before taking anything tooooooo seriously. I imagine Ian Rapoport and/or Adam Schefter will weigh in at some point, and of course, Jason Cole is always good for a rumor.

If the Saints and Payton do decide to part ways, the Los Angeles Rams would seem to be a strong candidate for his services. As La Canfora pointed out, Payton is a Southern California native and had a couple coaching jobs at San Diego State. My guess is nothing ends up happening, but SoCal certainly makes some sense.