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Jaguars fire head coach Gus Bradley

The second firing has happened.

After weeks of Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan saying he would not fire Gus Bradley, things have changed. The team announced on Sunday that Bradley has been fired with two games remaining on the schedule. The Jaguars had an upset of the Houston Texans in hand, only to blow a 20-8 third quarter lead and lose 21-20. That was the last straw.

Jacksonville joins the Los Angeles Rams in firing their head coach with games left to play. The Buffalo Bills are expected to fire Rex Ryan as well, but that has not happened yet. The Cincinnati Bengals may give Marvin Lewis another season, but I don’t think anybody would be stunned to see a change there. The Chicago Bears will probably make some kind of changes. And of course, we still don’t know Chip Kelly’s future with the 49ers.

What will be interesting is where Gus Bradley and potentially Rex Ryan end up next year. Both have extensive history coaching defenses, and I imagine could land a defensive coordinator role relatively easily. They also very well might want to wait a year, enjoy getting a paid vacation, and then figure out something for the 2018 season. January will provide all we need to know.