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John York says reports Jed York will lose power are completely false

No surprises with John York denying reports about his son losing power.

The San Francisco 49ers have had plenty of drama over the past week, with reports that Jed York might lose some power in football operations. On Sunday, Jed’s father John told the assembled beat writers that the reports are “completely” false.

Last weekend, Jason La Canfora reported change was afoot and John and Denise York were considering taking a more active role in finding someone to handle the football side of things. He then said Jed was likely to be moved out of such a role. Pro Football Talk responded that none of it was true, and La Canfora retorted that there were rumblings of a developing schism in the 49ers organization.

I’m inclined to think we won’t see much change. We saw them give Mike Nolan all sorts of power back in 2005, and that did not work out. Trent Baalke eventually emerged as the GM when they hired Jim Harbaugh, and Baalke won whatever power struggle may or may not have taken place. Now, Baalke is on the hot seat and could still be canned, but whether we see a big name brought in or Tom Gamble promoted from within remains to be seen. The 49ers season finale is on January 1, and I would think we will find out within a day or two what the next step is.