Stop Blaming Chip!

We've reached that point of the season where the blame gun turns from a six shooter into the Rapid Fire Spread upgrade from Contra (old NES reference). And while I understand the frustration, people just sound dumb when they start lobbing all their hatred at Chip.

Someday Chip Kelly may very well be exposed as a terrible NFL coach but until he has a decent chance with a decent roster, I'm not reading to play judge/jury/executioner. Just like Bill Walsh started off terribly in his first season, Chip hasn't had any success this year but before you fire up your internet commenting fingers, consider a few things:

1) The Roster - we don't need to get too far into this since everyone seems to agree Baalke has left the cupboard bare. Balk needs to go, our drafts have sucked and operation ACL has been a failure.

2) Injuries - why does everyone keep ignoring the injuries Chip has had to deal with? For years we were very keen to blame injuries when Harbaugh's teams weren't performing. But because of a bias against Chip we conveniently forget this is the WORST set of injuries we've seen! I keep hearing "Tomsula had just as bad of injuries" but that's nothing more than spin generated to keep trashing Chip. Let's take a look:

Starters either out for the season or missing a lot of time:

DEFENSE 8 out of 11 potential STARTERS!

  • Ian Williams - our best nose tackle
  • Dorsey- second best defensive lineman
  • Armstead - third best defensive lineman
  • Bowman - best MLB
  • Armstrong - other starting MLB
  • Lynch- starting OLB/Edge Rusher
  • Reid - best safety
  • Jimmy Ward - starting CB
OFFENSE - 7 out of 11 potential STARTERS!
  • Ellington- Starting WR and KR/PR
  • Torrey Smith- #1 WR
  • Rogers- potential #2 WR
  • Anthony Davis- Former Pro Bowl RT
  • Joe Staley- Pro Bowl LT
  • Kilgore- Center
  • McDonald- #1 TE
These numbers are RIDICULOUS and NO team or coach could withstand injuries like this. Keep in mind, I'm not even including injuries to backups who forced us to play with practice squad caliber players. And with an already weak roster, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?

3) Second Half of Games- I also have issue with the corny argument that Chip sucks because the team seems to play worse in the second half of games. Interestingly, if you map our injuries to our results, you will see that most games where this happened we lost key players around halftime. When McDonald and Torrey Smith are suddenly pulled from our lineup, we will obviously struggle. It's bizarre for us to truly believe that Chip can run a very good scheme in the first half but then suddenly forget to coach after a 10 minute water break. Injuries, drops, and an inconsistent Kap are much more likely culprits.

4) But the Eagles! - the Eagles have nothing to do with us and when Chip took a 4-12 team directly to the playoffs with bum Foles at QB, nobody seemed to be crying. It sounds like things got politically charged and he ended up in a GM role that he does NOT have here in SF. The Eagles are marginally better now without him and who knows what Went will ever become.

Let's not be like the other mouth breathing fan bases and take out the coach pitchforks when things get bad. We KNOW we have a terrible ownership group and an ice cold GM. The buck can stop there for now and we can wait to judge Chip until he has a better roster and they are healthy enough to give him a go.

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